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Only €26

Yes! Mobidoctor provides urgent care 365 days a year

Yes! All our urgent care doctors will assist you in English so there won't be any missunderstandings

No. But Mobidoctor will only charge you €24 for the consultation and prescription

Urgent Care in France, Every Day of the Week

If you're sick or in pain today, there's no need or reason to wait until tomorrow to receive medical care. Through Mobi Doctor, it's easy and convenient to set up an appointment with an English-speaking doctor any day of the week – even Sundays!

Our partner doctors have availability throughout the day, including late evenings and early mornings. Book a consultation and get help immediately.

Excellence in Online Urgent Care

No one wants to go out when they're suffering from an illness or are dealing with pain and discomfort. There may be urgent care locations near you in Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, or other major French cities, but getting there is a pain, and you'll likely be required to sit in an unpleasant waiting room for hours once you get there. Mobi Doctor eliminates these problems by bringing an English speaking doctor to you via your computer or mobile device. Our comprehensive online urgent care experience in France involves an assessment of your problems, expert medical advice, and prescription medications as needed.

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Receive Urgent Care in English

Not sure how to explain your symptoms or experience in French? Don't worry! We have built relationships with excellent doctors near Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, and other French metros, which can communicate fluently with you. You'll be able to tell your doctor what's been going on in minutes and receive treatment advice in a language you understand.

Get Well–Fast!

During your consultation with an empathetic and knowledgeable doctor, you'll be given superb advice on how to treat your condition and start feeling better. Our doctors can also call in prescriptions to your nearest pharmacy so you can get well soon.

Affordable Care, Even Without Insurance

If you don't have medical insurance or need to be sure that your insurance is valid in France, we've got you covered.

The Mobi Doctor philosophy is that everyone should enjoy quick, quality, affordable healthcare access.

Our urgent care appointments in France cost €29

Handle Non-Emergency Situations Quickly

Most non-emergency conditions like cold and flu symptoms, rashes, aches and pains, or digestive discomfort can frequently be assessed and treated via virtual urgent care in France. You'll be evaluated in English and receive the information you need to treat your illness or injury properly. If you're dealing with a life-threatening situation, however, you'll need to seek out the services of your nearest hospital emergency department.