What Insomnia is

Insomnia Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment

It is a disorder, in which a person cannot sleep or faces difficulty in getting to sleep, or even in staying asleep. Some people suffer from both diseases.

Moreover, everyone has bad nights, but if you are troubling on a regular basis for sleep consult doctor or GP.

Our doctors will help you online by identifying the cause of insomnia and will surely suggest you some remedy or medicine, that will assists you in getting better.

Whom Insomnia can affect

This disorder in sleep can help affect anyone's life at any time, but this disorder is more common in people of older age

Symptoms of Insomnia

People think that insomnia is a condition in which you cannot sleep, the symptoms can be more severe and complicated. The following signs indicate that you are suffering from insomnia:

    • Not being able to concentrate

    • Not feeling fresh after waking up

    • Trouble falling asleep

    • Feeling irritable during the whole day

    • Waking up much earlier than you need to

    • Waking up while sleeping and cannot get back to sleep

If these symptoms are not treated, they can lead you to the following long-term and short-term issues:

    • Lack of socialization

    • Poor performance

    • Constant mood swings and bad mood

    • Argument with friends and family

Moreover, your tiredness can also impact other — for instance, the risk for accidents increases. In this condition of insomnia, it is important to concern a doctor for discussing the symptoms, so that you can get recommended sleep of 7 to 9 hours at night.

Diagnosis of Insomnia

Since insomnia cannot be tested, our doctors diagnose this sleep problem by asking a list of questions, which you are supposed to answer honestly, in order to get proper treatment and recommendation.

The doctors will ask about your lifestyle and your sleeping pattern or habit. There is no need to worry about privacy concerns, everything will be kept confidential, and there will be no recording. The doctors may ask about:

  • Smoking habit

  • Whether you take medication on time

  • What time you usually go to bed

  • How often you exercise, and when

  • Whether you drink alcohol (and if so, how much)

  • Level of anxiety and stress

  • Things that distract you from sleeping, such as, bright lights, room temperature, street noise

  • The time you usually wake up at ( insomniacs have different timing for sleep other than average)


To assists a doctor confirm the diagnosis, the doctors may ask you to maintain a sleep diary for 7 to 14 days in order to keep a record of it. They might ask you to record:

  • What time you wake up

  • What time you go to bed

  • At what time you fall asleep (just an idea)

  • How frequently you wake up at night while sleeping

Causes of Insomnia

Many possible reasons can cause insomnia, identifying the reason that are causing sleeping problems is the initial step to find appropriate and most effective treatment. Dealing with the following causes to get rid of insomnia.

Although the list is not complete, but here are a few possible reasons that cause insomnia:

Mental health

Mental health problems are the most common cause for short term and long term insomnia. Problem while falling asleep is among one of the symptoms for insomnia. So it is essential to get help from a doctor if you are suffering from:

In few cases, it can also be an indication for Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease.

Sleep issues

Insomnia itself is a sleep disorder, but sometimes it is triggered by other problems as well such as

  • Snoring (sleep disorder) it is also known as apnoea

  • Sleep disorder as sleepwalking, narcolepsy or nightmares

  • Poor sleep environment such as, bright light, street noise, using an electronic device in bed, uncomfortable bed, pets in the room and the room temperature all distract you from sleeping.

Lifestyle choices

There are some other factors as well which people usually not think of, but they can also increase the probability for insomnia. They include:

  • Drinking alcohol

  • Smoking

  • Exercising too close to bedtime

  • Drinking caffeine close to bedtime

Physical health

Poor physical health can also impact your ability for sleeping properly

  • Heart problem makes it hard to breath when you lie on your bed

  • Joint pain, such as back injury or arthritis

  • Needing to pee a lot

  • Allergies and respiratory problem like asthma, it can be worse at night time


If you have to travel internationally for work, changing time zones can mess with your sleeping pattern which leads to insomnia. Irregular shift pattern at work can cause the same problem.

Treatment of Insomnia

We have already seen that insomnia can cause many possible difficulties. Identifying the causes can help the doctors in suggesting the treatment. The doctors may recommend that simple lifestyle will help in dealing with symptoms, whereas they can also prescribe medication or can refer the specialist.

Our doctors may:

Treat the sleep disorder like sleepwalking, nightmares or sleep apnoea

Treat mental heal conditions by medication or CBT

Suggest changes in lifestyle like quitting smoking, cutting down intake of alcohol, avoiding caffeine before bedtime

Provide treatment for physical health problem such as joint pain, heart, respiratory and allergies.

Advice you, that will assist in correcting issuers that are disturbing you e sleeping patterns. This could be anything from referring special treatment to medication.


Our doctors are always there to help you and will recommend the best treatment for you, which is most suitable for your condition.

Please note our doctors cannot recommend sleeping tablets or zopiclone.

Insomnia during Pregnancy

While pregnancy the body of a woman undergoes many changes, and these changes make it difficult to sleep at night. During pregnancy insomnia can is caused by:

    • Anxiety about delivery, the health of your baby and your upcoming parenthood.

    • Difficulty getting comfortable, particularly as your baby grows

    • Hormonal changes - especially during the first trimester

    • Having to get up in the night due to morning sickness, or needing to go to the toilet.

Our experienced doctors can help you in managing these symptoms and will provide an effective treatment for you and baby.

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