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English speaking doctor Azores

If you are in the Azores and feeling uneasy and don't have the strength to go out and find an English speaking doctor in the Azores? Now you no need to worry; if you bear the pain or discomforts of sickness is enough.

The pain of finding an English Speaking online doctor in the Azores will be taken care of by us at Mobidoctor. Hence, it doesn't matter if you feel like your body temperature resembles a volcano or caught a mild cold or whatever the cases may be; you will get the solutions from highly reputed doctors in the Azores. So, why waste your energy in stepping out and giving more pain to your body? Just book the consultation using Mobidoctor and get the prescription on your screen. That means you no need to depend on anyone to get a doctor's consultation.

The Azores is one of Portugal's two autonomous regions. You can also become self-reliant and get advice from a doctor without depending on anyone else. 

  • I am not technology-savvy, is this site for me?

    • You don't need to be an expert on technology to avail of our services. Our website and applications are created with a user-friendly interface so that people of all ages can have easy access to our brand of healthcare.
  • What is Mobidoctor?

    • Mobidoctor is a telemedicine startup born in Norway and reared in Malta. Itis the brainchild of class-leading healthcare professionals who want to provide accessible healthcare in Europe at a cost that everyone can afford
  • How do I access Mobidoctor?

    • Whether you are using a computer, mobile phone or a tablet, you can visit Mobidoctor from anywhere across the continent. All you need is a cam a mic and internet access.
  • Is my data secure?

    • Any personal information of patients and doctors stored in our database is 100% encrypted and protected. You don't have to worry about identity theft because we have put measures in place to prevent such incidents.
  • Why use Mobidoctor?

    • Healthcare access anytime, anywhere Share your health concerns with top-notch general practitioners who can answer your queries and issue online prescriptions after evaluating your condition. Whether you're away from home or travelling, Mobidoctor is here to take care of you!
  • Recommended by experts and patients

    • As a premier Telemed platform based in Malta, Mobidoctor services patients across the EU, EEA, and the UK. Our cross-border prescriptions are valid anywhere within these areas, making us a top choice in the industry.



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English speaking doctor Azores

Why should I use Mobidoctor to book a doctor's consultation?

Intuitive user experience

The consultation scheduling is easier than ever. You can access our website using smartphones, laptops, or tablets with an active internet connection and start using our services. The user interface is intuitive, and anyone from any age group can access it without any technical knowledge. 

The easiest way to find English Speaking Doctor in the Azores

To find a doctor consultation from your place of comfort is a blessing. It is possible in Mobidoctor by following just three simple steps. Your conversation with the doctor is secured and fully encrypted. Hence, speak openly with your doctor with peace of mind. 

Save money, time, and energy. The easy way to consult a doctor

In a highly populous city, finding an English speaking doctor is not an easy job. If you step out, mostly hear the Portuguese language, and find an English-speaking doctor in the Azores is difficult. But through Mobidoctor, you can get experienced and highly reputed online doctor without spending money on fuel bills. Along with this, you can save time since no need to wait in traffic signals. And most importantly, you can save your energy, and when you are sick, if you stay inside the home is the best practice. 

How to book a consultation? 

Getting a consultation from an English speaking doctor in the Azores is as easy as playing a game. You need to follow three simple steps to find an online doctor and get the prescription right after your consultation session. So, let us understand those simple steps now. 

  • Access our website or mobile application and signup. It would take two to three minutes and book a slot. 
  • Consult an online doctor in the Azores through our encrypted and most secure communication
  • Once the consultation is over, you can get a copy of the prescription on your screen, and that's it! You can start feeling better. 
English speaking doctor Azores

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