Mobidoctor is offering the services of well-skilled and dedicated English speaking doctors’ online consultation now in Geneva! The expats as well as øpcaøs can reach out to our general practitioners’ whole week for a flexible hour window of 13 hours at any time of their suitability to seek medical consultation.

Our online doctors are available to provide guidance on your ailments at any time required. This serves to be an economical solution to the medical needs of people living in Geneva.

Why use MobiDoctor Online Consultation?

Mobidoctor online consultation is a key to the solution for expats and locals facing difficulty in availing medical help in Geneva, either due to language barrier or due to tight schedules. With our English speaking doctors, people can now discuss their concerns more comfortably without any language barrier.

Our online doctors immediately respond to your queries and hence it is the perfect call for any non-emergency situation that you may face. The time for appointment depends on the person seeking medical guidance. Our English speaking doctors follow your schedule and call you, all you have to do is book an appointment with mobidoctor.

Moreover, mobidoctor has kept it very professional when it comes to the confidentiality of individual records. Your medical history and records get stored securely with Mobidoctor, which you can also refer to in the future if needed.

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English speaking doctor Geneva. Expensive? Not at all

Our economical medical consultation helps people, particularly expats in Geneva, save up on money since we offer prices that are comparatively lower than those offered by other medical facilitators.

You can book an appointment with our online doctors through a simple process of logging into your profile and booking an appointment. Online doctors at mobidoctor take care of everything else, from calling you to the video session to sending your prescription through email as well as into your profile. Our online doctors are professionals who know their work and assist you with their best.

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