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Radiologist in Malta and Gozo


Radiologists are physicians specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries using medical imaging procedures such as computed tomography (CT), X-ray, Positron Emission tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, nuclear imaging, ultrasound and fusion imaging.

Radiologist are known to contribute a great part in treatment of diseases by means of radiation such as radiation oncology and also in interventional radiology which involves minimally invasive or image guided therapeutic or surgical intervention. They also interpret radiology results and lead the radiology team.

When should I see the radiologist?

Usually, if you need to see a radiologist, you would be referred to one either by your GP or any other specialist you are seeing. Radiology is known to play an essential role in making a diagnosis and in the treatment of some diseases. Radiologists rarely make the final diagnosis, but contribute to it through the interpretation of results. A good number of cases would require a referral from your GP or physician to see the radiologist and some of these cases are.


  • Cancer treatment or screening


  • Injuries to bones or muscles


  • Enlargement or shrinkage of an organ 


  • Pregnancy 


  • Accidents and trauma affecting any part of the body 


  • Certain infections.


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