Chest Infection

Online Treatment for Chest Infection

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Although most chest infections are mild and will improve without medical intervention, some can be more serious and lead to further complications if not treated promptly.

What is Chest Infection?

Chest infection is a common condition, which occurs after getting caught by the flu or cold. People usually get chest infection during the month of winter. Mostly it lasts for a few days and gets better without medication, but in serious cases, it can lead to severe health problems.

Symptoms of Chest Infection

Common signs and symptoms for chest infection may include:

If a cough persists for more than three weeks, it is advisable to consult a doctor for advice about a possible chest infection.


Generally, a cough should resolve itself within seven to ten days.

Treatment for Chest Infection

If you are in an at-risk group with a weakened immune system or a long-term health condition, you must speak to a doctor if you develop chest infection symptoms.


Even if your symptoms are mild, you should still seek medical attention if they persist for over a week or become increasingly severe. For other people, getting plenty of rest and staying hydrated can help the chest infection improve. Some symptoms are:


  • Infants and toddlers

  • Senior citizens

  • Expectant mothers

  • Individuals who are overweight

  • Smokers

  • Those with compromised immune systems, mainly due to cancer therapy or recent transplants

  • Individuals managing chronic health conditions like diabetes, asthma, kidney disease, or cystic fibrosis.


If you experience coughing up blood or your skin or lips become blue, it is essential that you seek medical attention immediately. Although uncommon, these symptoms may indicate a more serious chest infection requiring medication.


Those with weakened immune systems are particularly vulnerable to developing chest infections, as the body cannot fight off the infection as effectively.

Causes of Chest Infection

Chest infections occur when the airways or lungs become infected with viruses or bacteria, such as pneumonia and bronchitis. These are two of the most common types.


When someone coughs or sneezes, they usually release particles of a virus or bacteria into the air. These particles can transmit viruses or bacteria and cause illnesses.

Should you take cough medicine for your chest infection?

A chest infection usually resolves within a few days, so taking cough medicine is unnecessary. In fact, coughing can help clear phlegm from your lungs and speed up recovery.


Depending on the type and severity of chest infection, different treatment options may be available. For instance, in cases of bronchitis (usually caused by a virus), antibiotics will not be prescribed, whereas they are often the best option for severe cases of pneumonia.


Consult a doctor as soon as possible if you're suffering from a chest infection that's not improving.


Our medical team at Mobi Doctor is available to assess your symptoms, diagnose any chest infection you may have, and provide you with a treatment plan - which could include a prescription for medication if required.