Consult an English speaking Doctor in Paris

Do you find it hard to locate an English speaking doctor in Paris?

Maybe you’re a tourist who needs medical attention, and you don’t speak French.

Perhaps you simply need to talk to a doctor right away regardless of language and don’t have the time or resources to do a thorough walk-through in Paris. Well, Mobidoctor is here to help!

Mobidoctor is a reputable online platform where doctors and patients can meet for virtual medical consultations. It’s the perfect alternative for people in people in Paris who struggle to  find a high quality doctor. The platform is especially useful for prople who need to see a doctor in Paris but don’t know where to go.

Mobidoctor is for all people who seek convenient alternatives to traditional doctor consultations!

  • How can I consult a doctor in Paris online?

    • You will be able to speak to our doctor through a video consultation. You can then discuss your concerns and symptoms with them as you do in a physical consultation.
  • How do I book my consultation?

    • That is quickly done in 2 minutes. All you need is to sign up, press "book consultation" in the menu inside your profile. Select your desired time and complete the booking.
  • Do I need to download anything to consult the doctor?

    • No. All you need is to sign up an book your consultation. Then you log back into your profile a few minutes before the consultation time, and the doctor will call you. The consultation is fully encrypted and is not stored anywhere. So your information is secure and safe
  • How do I get my prescriptions or sick notes?

    • If needed, the doctor will send you your prescription or sicknote imminently to your profile and to your email.

Explore some of the conditions our online doctors can assist with


You can book an appointment with our English speaking doctors now, or can schedule an online session of your choice that works best for you and your busy schedule. Don't wait for long; your health is essential, book your virtual doctor visit now


You don't have to wait long before you see can consult an English speaking doctor. With Mobidoctor, you can consult with an English speaking doctor in Paris without any waiting.


Our online consultation offers you a feeling of an in-office visit. Just much more convenient as you don't need to rush through Paris to see the doctor. You'll receive a diagnosis, medical advice, prescription and referrals right away after the consultation.

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Your Online doctor in Paris

Mobidoctor is an online medical platform which will assist you to find the doctor you need. On Mobidoctor, you can get quality consultations with English speaking doctors in Paris. You will get the fastest answer for your symptoms and get the quickest possible help.

Mobidoctor provides a fast-responding online platform for your basic health care problems. An English speaking doctor in Paris will be able to check your symtoms and prescribe the needed medications.

You will be assigned right away to an online highly qualified doctor that will contact you over an ecrypted videocall.

If needed you will also may also be referred to the specialist, if your case needs to be examined with more details in specialistic order.

Mobidoctor also may perform pharmaceutical assistance after you consult with the online doctor. You may send your prescriptions right away and pick up your medication after you do order.


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