Rosacea is a skin condition that affects the face, in particular, your nose and cheeks.

Rosacea Symptoms, Causes and Treatment 


It causes flushing, redness, and irritation on the face. These symptoms are difficult to hide and can be a bit embarrassing to have.


Rosacea is quite mysterious in terms of how it occurs. However, treatment options to manage the symptoms are readily available, so you don’t have to worry. Mobidoctor physicians are always here to check on your condition and give advice on the necessary medications to help you beat rosacea.

Rosacea Symptoms

These are the common rosacea symptoms to watch out for:


  • Flushing and redness of the face, which may either be temporary or permanent

  • Tiny spots caused by little blood vessels underneath the skin surface

  • A burning sensation and skin irritation

  • Rough skin that’s dry and hard to touch


Let your doctor see your specific symptoms to get an accurate diagnosis of rosacea. These symptoms could also point to other possible skin conditions, so it’s best to be sure and avoid self-diagnosing.

What Causes Rosacea?

There is no exact known cause for rosacea at the moment. Theories hovering around the rosacea culprits include the following:


  • The reaction of the skin to bacteria or mites

  • Blood vessel problems

  • Certain side effects of skincare products or medications


The exact medical cause cannot be detected yet, but a number of triggering factors have been observed and identified in several patients. Generally, these are:


  • Exposure to cold and hot temperatures

  • Exposure to humid environments

  • Too much exercise

  • Excessive stress

  • Prolonged sunlight exposure

  • Consumption of food products such as dairy and spices

  • Consumption of caffeine and alcoholic drinks


Rosacea Treatment

Observe yourself once you get a flare-up of rosacea and identify your triggering factors. Once you learn about it, try your best to avoid or at least lessen the instances of exposure to these triggers to keep rosacea at bay.


There is no known cure for rosacea as the exact origin of the disease is unknown. But tablets and medicated lotions, gels, and creams work well to alleviate the symptoms and soothe the skin. The last resort to rosacea management is laser surgery for serious cases.


Mobidoctor physicians can prescribe the proper treatment for you and have the prescription either sent to you or to the pharmacy of your choice. This gives you a fuss-free way to get the right treatment for your rosacea.


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