Hormone headaches are a condition linked to women’s menstrual cycles, oral contraceptive pills, and hormone replacement therapies. They are also known as menstrual headaches.

Hormone Headaches , Symptoms, Causes and Treatment 


Hormone headaches may be characterised by severely painful headaches. The condition is generally linked to declining oestrogen levels. There are several treatment options available to manage hormone headaches.


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What causes hormone headaches?

Fluctuating levels of hormones in a woman’s body have long been linked to the onset and severity of headaches and migraines.


Hormone headaches, in particular, are linked to up-and-down levels of the hormone oestrogen in women. Sudden drops in oestrogen levels happen just before a menstrual period starts, which can trigger a bout of hormone headache. The use of oral contraceptive pills with high oestrogen content can also lead to similar situations during menopause.


Oestrogen levels soar and remain high throughout pregnancy. Women suffering from hormone headaches often report lesser symptoms or complete relief from the condition when they are pregnant.

Treating menstrual headaches

You can safely manage pain and stop the occurrence of hormone headaches through the following treatment options:


Oestrogen supplements


Headaches experienced in conjunction with the start of a menstrual period can be managed by taking prescription oestrogen supplements. The pills work by keeping oestrogen levels from significantly dropping during your period, easing up your headache symptoms. Gels and patches are more effective and provide more stable oestrogen control than oral supplements.


Changes to contraceptive pills


You may tell your doctor the specific contraceptive pills you’re taking if this feels like the cause of your hormone headaches. Your doctor could provide you other contraceptive pills or advise you of possible changes in your contraceptive methods.


Hormone replacement therapy


Women experiencing hormone headaches linked to menopause are advised by physicians to take hormone replacement therapy. Gels and patches are often the recommended forms since they are more effective than oral supplements.

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