Hormone headaches

What is Hormone Headaches?

Headaches related to hormones, or menstrual migraines, are often experienced by women about their monthly cycle, hormone replacement therapy, and oral contraceptive pills.


The condition is related to a decline in oestrogen levels, but fortunately, it is treatable in several ways.

What Causes Hormone Headaches?

Researchers have observed a connection between hormone levels in women and the severity of their headaches or migraines for many years. Hormones like estrogen and progesterone seem to play a role in triggering or worsening these headaches. However, the exact mechanism by which this occurs is still not fully understood.


Women taking oral contraceptive pills containing higher levels of oestrogen often experience more intense symptoms of PMS. Conversely, these symptoms usually become less severe or even disappear during pregnancy.


It is hypothesised that menstrual migraines are caused by a sudden decline in a woman's oestrogen levels before the start of her menstrual cycle.


It is possible to experience similar changes during the menopause when using oral contraceptives.

Treating Menstrual Headaches

You can safely manage pain and stop the occurrence of hormone headaches through the following treatment options:


Oestrogen supplements


Headaches experienced with the start of a menstrual period can be managed by taking prescription oestrogen supplements. The pills keep oestrogen levels from significantly dropping during your period, easing your headache symptoms. Gels and patches are more effective and provide more stable oestrogen control than oral supplements.


Changes to contraceptive pills


You may tell your doctor the specific contraceptive pills you’re taking if this feels like the cause of your hormone headaches. Your doctor could provide you with other contraceptive pills or advise you of possible changes in your contraceptive methods.


Hormone replacement therapy


Women experiencing hormone headaches linked to menopause are advised by physicians to take hormone replacement therapy. Gels and patches are often recommended since they are more effective than oral supplements.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

For cases of menopause, hormone replacement therapy is one potential treatment option for hormone headaches.


Tablets may not be the most effective way to maintain hormone levels; gels and patches may be a better choice.