English speaking doctors in Zurich

In Zurich, finding an English-speaking doctor who is a general practitioner can be challenging, especially if you are an expat. Not everyone has the means to reach online doctors. That's where Mobidoctor invites you to experience their online doctor's services, just like in a general practitioner clinic. There is no need to spend hours standing in a queue waiting for your turn while the English-speaking doctor diagnoses other patients.
Mobidoctor understands your need and helps you connect with an English-speaking doctor with. This service is ideal for expat unaware of the foreign language, but also a perfect solution for everyone enjoying Zurich.


You can now book an appointment with our English-speaking doctor, or for any other service that excellently works for your needs or requirements. The booking process has been simplified, and you can now easily book your consultation in 3 minutes


The people of Zurich will wait no more before making consultations with our English-speaking doctor following the introduction of online prescriptions. We have introduced a licensed and certified Mobidoctor in Zurich who can be easily accessed and reached whenever required. All the information and data will be fully encrypted and secure.


Our current virtual visits have provided a platform that you can use to get an in-office visit environment. The visits will provide you with online prescription, referrals and some sound advice to get you healthy in no time

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MobiDoctor-Economical solution

MobiDoctor provides you with an easy-to-go solution. Our online doctors help diagnose and prescribe medications per your need. Contrary to popular opinions, telehealth is not expensive. If you do not have health insurance, then online doctors are the best solution for you. The service is ideal for expat.

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