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The modern era is fast-paced, with everything feasible at the touch of your screen, why not have an online doctor as well? 

English speaking doctors in Madrid have never been more accessible!

In 3 simple steps, you access the doctor to get the help you need. If you hate waiting at traffic lights, search the city to wait at the doctor clinic, then an online doctor is an optimal solution for you. 

Ever found yourself googling: "Find a doctor near me"?

Now you can say goodbye to that query. Mobidoctor allows you to access a doctor clinic experience in Madrid without even putting on your shoes. Get a consultation with an English-speaking in Madrid!

Mobidoctor is all about comfort. Seeing a doctor should be easy, quick and hassle-free. That's why we created this platform.

  • I am not technology-savvy, is this site for me?

    • You don't need to be an expert on technology to avail of our services. Our website and applications are created with a user-friendly interface so that people of all ages can have easy access to our brand of healthcare.
  • How do I access Mobidoctor?

    • Whether you are using a computer, mobile phone or a tablet, you can visit Mobidoctor from anywhere across the continent. All you need is a cam a mic and internet access.
  • Healthcare access anytime, anywhere

    • Share your health concerns with top-notch general practitioners who can answer your queries and issue online prescriptions after evaluating your condition. Whether you're away from home or travelling, Mobidoctor is here to take care of you!
  • Recommended by experts and patients

    • As a premier Telemed platform based in the EU, Mobidoctor services patients across the EU, EEA, and the UK. Our cross-border prescriptions are valid anywhere within these areas, making us a top choice in the industry.

Sign up and book your visit in a matter of minutes. The booking process takes about 2 minutes, and there is no waiting to see the doctor. We are working always had to have a doctor at hand, so you don't have to wait to get medical assistance from an English speaking doctor


The online consultations are fully encrypted and secure. All you need is a smartphone, laptop or a tablet and an internet connection. We take care of the rest. Your digital prescription will be in your profile right after the consultation


The online consultations are fully encrypted and secure. All you need is a smartphone, laptop or a tablet and an internet connection. We take care of the rest. Your digital prescription will be in your profile right after the consultation

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English speaking doctor near you, Madrid

Do you live in Madrid and need access to a doctor that speaks your language? Are you in Madrid on vacation or for business and need medical care that can't wait until you return home? If so, you will be pleased to know it is easy to access an English-speaking doctor in Madrid. 

If you're looking for a "doctor near me" in Madrid, then Mobidoctor has you covered. You don't need to have insurance to avail yourself of our pay-as-you-go medical services. Book a consultation 365 days a year for just €24 and speak to a doctor in Madrid about your health concerns for quick and effective service. Spain's capital is known for its siestas, and our service will help put your worries to sleep. 

In-person visits to doctors aren't recommended right now due to coronavirus concerns. Many doctors have stopped taking physical in-person appointments altogether except for emergency cases. That's why you need to work with an online doctor. Mobidoctor makes this easier for you by connecting you to English-speaking doctors remotely. 
Don't worry if you aren't familiar with technology, as our process is simple. Signing up requires just a handful of information from you and a minute or two of your time. We ensure that all your data is encrypted and kept secure. We adhere to all data and privacy regulations and take our commitment to your security as seriously as you do. 

If you've been to Madrid, you've likely run into issues with the language barrier. It can be challenging to find an English-speaking doctor. It can be tough to get to grips with the Spanish language commonly used in the healthcare system. It would be best if you found a doctor who speaks your language, so they fully understand your symptoms. Our doctors speak in a friendly tone and in a language that you can fully understand. 

With rapid access to prescriptions and convenient online consultations, try Mobidoctor and see the difference for yourself. 

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