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Yes. Mobidoctor connects you with English-speaking doctors 365 days a year, also on Sundays. Even the best doctors work weekends, which means you have a good chance of being seen on a Sunday and even after hours.

Yes. We restrict access to the platform to doctors who speak fluent English. Each doctor is thoroughly vetted prior to being accepted into the Mobidoctor platform

If you are experiencing a medical emergency or have a life-threatening condition, immediately seek treatment at an emergency department! While our platform is quick, it cannot treat emergency cases

Get Urgent Care in Italy

If you aren’t feeling very well in Italy, you don’t have to go it alone. Even if you don’t speak Italian fluently, you can connect with high-quality, English-speaking doctors who will offer fast, compassionate care. Mobi Doctor offers online urgent care in Italy so you can get immediate treatment for your illness or condition.

Daily Urgent Care Services

Getting sick on a Sunday shouldn’t mean suffering until the urgent care office opens the next day.. We also offer flexible scheduling hours, which include late evenings and early mornings. Book a slot for an immediate appointment with no wait time, or set up a time and date in the future that works for you. Scheduling is fast and easy.

Visit a Doctor Without Leaving Bed

If you’re under the weather, the last thing you want to do is get up and find a qualified, English-Speaking urgent care centre near Rome, Milan, or other Italian cities. Now you don’t have to! In less than one minute, you can schedule an online appointment and begin a video consultation with a top-rated doctor who can easily communicate with you about your condition and get the treatment you require – no need to leave your warm bed!

Urgent care Italy

Hassle-Free Urgent Care You Can Afford

At Mobi Doctor, we value the idea that every person should be able to access excellent urgent care services at affordable prices. Schedule an appointment with a qualified, English-speaking doctor for just €24.00 - no extra fees or surprise bills! No health insurance is required to receive urgent care assistance.

Handle Non-Emergencies in Minutes

We partner with doctors near Rome, Milan, and other major Italian metros who are capable of virtually evaluating your health in non-emergency situations. Common illnesses and conditions can generally be assessed via video chat, and treatment can be prescribed via online urgent care. If you or someone else are experiencing a life-threatening illness or injury, you must quickly locate your nearest hospital emergency room to receive the correct level of care.

Secure and User-Friendly Online Urgent Care in Italy

You don’t need a PhD to navigate our virtual urgent care services. The Mobi Doctor interface is designed to be user-friendly and compatible with various mobile devices. You need a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer with a camera and microphone to see a doctor immediately. We encrypt our data to ensure that your private information stays protected, and we will always maintain your confidentiality.

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