Foot Infection

Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Foot problems often get intentionally ignored because the feet are covered for most of the day. But foot problems only get worse if you do not address them promptly after its detection. What’s worse is that they can get seriously infected.


It’s a good option to see a doctor once you find an imminent foot problem. Early detection and prompt treatment will restore your feet’s health and prevent you from acquiring serious infections. Mobidoctor’s physicians can provide accurate diagnosis and effective treatments to cure your foot infection. They can even send prescriptions to your nearest pharmacy so you can get your medications easily.

Common Foot Infections: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

There are three types of foot infections that several people commonly catch, namely: Athlete’s Foot, Fungal Nail Infection, and Ingrown Toenail. Here’s a closer look at them:


Athlete’s Foot


This is a contagious fungal infection affecting the skin between the toes and the soles of the feet. It is often the result of unmanaged sweaty feet, improper footwear, and letting moisture build up constantly in the feet.


Athlete’s Foot cannot be contracted during running sports, despite its name. It can be contracted through barefoot walking in public places such as changing rooms and swimming pools.


Symptoms of an Athlete’s Foot include cracked, dry, and sore skin between the toes. Some sufferers may experience moist blisters as well.


Your Mobidoctor physician can prescribe an appropriate antifungal cream, spray, or powder to address the causes of your Athlete’s foot and make it diminish for good. He can also give you prevention tips to stop reoccurrence.


Fungal Nail Infection


Fungi can also grow on nails. This infection lends a thick and yellowish look to the affected nails. Toes may swell significantly or become itchy as well. Swollen toes with fungal infection can become uncomfortable or even painful when it feels pressure from tight-fitting shoes.


Fungal nail infection occurs in the same conditions as athlete’s foot: Warm, moist, sweaty, and unclean feet. Damaged toenails may also develop fungal infections.


Mild infections usually subside on their own. More serious cases require treatment with antifungal toe paints, oral tablets, or both. The fungal infection takes a few weeks to months before it completely clears up.


Ingrown Toenail


This condition happens when the edges of your toenails grow out into the skin, digging in deeply into your toes and causing pain. Initial symptoms of ingrown toenails include reddish and sore toes. If left untreated, the ingrown toenail may develop infections to the point of getting pus, blood, or fluids around it.


You can remove an ingrown toenail in its early stages by simply cutting the excess nail properly. Use a cotton bud to gently set aside the underlying skin so that you can completely remove the ingrown nail. You may also switch to less-restrictive footwear to lessen the pain caused by pressure on the toenail.


Severe cases would require a referral to a podiatrist for help in removing the ingrown nail. The podiatrist can either remove the erring ingrown nail or the entire nail if it becomes infected.


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