Causes and Treatment

Bruising Symptoms, Causes and Treatment 

Bruising is a condition that happens when blood leaks up to the skin’s surface. This is due to the bursting of a blood vessel underneath the skin. The damaged blood vessel could have experienced some kind of trauma that led to its bursting and blood leakage.


Bruises initially exhibit a deep purplish and blue colour, then fade away to a lighter greenish-yellow one. They will feel especially tender the first few days following the injury.

 Bruises aren’t that serious, and they go away in a span of days. However, some conditions warrant seeing a doctor.

What Causes Bruising?

Bruises happen when there is a forceful impact that collided with the skin. Bumps, falls, and contact sports may all contribute to the development of a bruise.


Your skin naturally thins and becomes more fragile as you age. Hence, the older you get, the more prone you are to bruising when you collide with something.


Bruising may also be caused by blood-thinning medications. It’s a side effect of the medication. Inform your physician if you are taking medications like aspirin so that they can choose a treatment plan that is compatible with your blood thinners.

Black Eyes

Black eyes are bruises around your eyes. They are caused by direct blows and injuries to the face. Black eyes typically subside on its own, but you need to monitor for redness and oozing as they can be signs that the condition is worsening. Not watching out for these symptoms puts you at high risk for severe problems in your eyes and head.

Treating Bruises

You may place cold compresses on the bruise to hasten its recovery. Ice packs or bags of frozen peas may be wrapped in a cloth and then directly placed over the bruised area.


Bruises should start to subside a few weeks after your injury. But call your doctor right away if you notice the following:


  • Your bruise still doesn’t fade or show signs of recovery after a couple of weeks preceding your injury
  • You suddenly find plenty of unexplained bruises coming out of your skin
  • You bruise easily, unlike before