Midge Bites


Midges are expected during the summer in the EU, and you frequently witness swarms of these insects on muggy, overcast days.


Although midge bites are typically not a significant health concern and do not transmit diseases, they can be pretty bothersome, leading to swelling and uncomfortable itching. Individuals may sometimes experience more severe reactions to midge bites, with intensified symptoms that persist longer than usual.


If a midge has bitten you and is experiencing especially severe or prolonged symptoms, it is advisable not to wait; instead, seek medical advice online promptly.

What Causes Midge Bites?

Female midges feed on the blood of various animals, including humans, to obtain nutrients for their eggs. They are open when it comes to their hosts. When a midge bites, it pierces the skin and releases a mild anticoagulant into the wound, preventing the blood from clotting and allowing it to feed more effectively.


Unfortunately, once one midge identifies a food source, it releases chemical signals known as pheromones to alert its fellow midges, leading to a swarm of midges converging on the same food source. As a result, people rarely experience just a single midge bite.


Fortunately, the number of individuals with severe reactions to midge bites is relatively low. However, the anticoagulant introduced by midges triggers our immune system, causing an allergic response that often results in swelling and itching.


Most midge bites can be managed effectively at home and typically improve relatively quickly. Nevertheless, some individuals may experience a more severe immune response, leading to prolonged symptoms.


Preventing midge bites is preferable to dealing with their aftermath. Suppose you are prone to strong reactions to midge bites. In that case, it is advisable to steer clear of the grassy areas where they typically reside, be cautious on humid summer days, and consider using insect repellent.


If midges have bitten you and are facing severe or persistent symptoms, it is crucial not to delay seeking medical advice online. Our healthcare professionals can assess the affected area, provide treatment recommendations, and, if necessary, prescribe medications to resolve the issue.


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