Symptoms, Causes & Treatment of Hair Loss

Male Pattern Baldness

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Male Pattern Baldness is the medical term used to describe the natural hair loss men often experience as they age. Hair loss can be particularly challenging, both in the physical and mental aspects. It doesn’t matter if you lose too much hair or just experience thinning; the condition is still disturbing for many men.


Male pattern baldness is typically inherited and runs in families. It may be difficult to treat due to its hereditary nature. But physicians can still help in some aspects to make coping easier and acceptable.


Mobidoctor GPs are available to talk to about your male pattern baldness. They can diagnose your condition, suggest possible treatment options, and talk to you regarding the tough feelings that may come with baldness.


Signs of Male Pattern Baldness

A receding hairline is one of the main signs of male pattern baldness. It’s as if your hairs on the forehead are slowly retreating to the back of your head. Bald spots or thinning hair may also develop. Some men get all these three symptoms at once.


Men also notice a band of hair surrounding the bottom half of their head. This indicates that male pattern baldness is something that doesn’t totally leave all men completely bald.


Male pattern baldness is hereditary, so you can take cues from how the hairs of your dad, granddad, and older male relatives looked like. Your hair may end up looking the same as them, but you may also see a difference in the way your hair thins.

Male Pattern Baldness Treatment

There is no exact cure for male pattern baldness as this is a hereditary trait running through familial blood. But there are lots of cosmetic options available to manage the condition well.


Hair transplants, implants, and medicated scalp lotions are some of the most used strategies available to address male pattern baldness. Check-in with your doctor for his professional opinion before diving into one of these management options. Also note that not everyone responds the same way to a particular treatment, so you may either grow out your hair or continue having hair fall months after using a particular method.


Expert medical advice is needed for you to select the best option for your hair fall needs. Be wary of treatment options or products that look too good to be true. These products may just cause you more hair to fall in the long run.

Managing the Mental Side

Often, it’s mental health that suffers whenever hair loss is present. Your hair is a part of your identity and losing it makes you feel like a part of your entire being is stolen away from you. This is why you might feel disastrous every time you see a balder version of yourself in the mirror. Anxiety, depression, and other mental health symptoms creep in slowly, and indeed, it is common for men to feel it.


It may be common, but it doesn’t mean that these unpleasant mental health symptoms must not be addressed. Talk to someone about your feelings on baldness. Never hesitate to call on Mobidoctor physicians even just to talk to them about your current mental health state. Voicing out your feelings can help you come into terms in dealing with your male pattern baldness.