Online Treatment of Substance Abuse

Whether you are addicted or looking for ways to deal and confront with substance abuse, or you are concerned about your friends or relatives who are showing symptoms of substance abuse, our general physicians are here to help you.

You can always get face-to-face and confidential advice through your smartphones or tablet from 7 in the morning till 8 in the evening for 7 days a week.

What Substance Abuse is

Substance abuse problem is when people become dependent on alcohol or drug to get through their day. It is a very sensitive issue that requires careful and appropriate treatment.

If someone is dealing with the issue of substance abuse, there is a possibility that family and friends will notice before they do.

Symptoms of Substance Abuse

There are multiple ways by which a person can indicate that they are involved in substance abuse. Moreover, behavioural and physical changes are the key indicators.

However, each substance has its own effect. Still, there are some common signs that are apparent in substance abuse, it includes:


    • Changing sleeping patterns

    • Losing interest in personal hobbies

    • Noticeable difference in behaviour

    • Unexplained financial problems

    • Changes in friends
    • Complacent in personal grooming


    • Sudden weight changes

    • Running nose

    • Red, bloodshot or glazed eyes

    • Unusual smells on breath, body or clothing

    • Tired appearance, bags under eyes

    • Tremors, slurred speech or poor coordination


    • Fearful, anxious or paranoid without reason

    • Lack of interest in family members and relationships

    • Large swings in mood (going from happy to irritable and grumpy quickly)

    • Lack of motivation, appearing spaced out and appearing lethargic

    • Periods of hyperactivity or agitation

Substance abuse should not be ignored and should not be left untreated, because the addicted person can develop dependence on alcoholism and drug

Treatment of Substance Abuse

As addiction is classified as a chronic illness, its treatment is often for a longer period, especially for the people who have an addiction to medicines/drugs.

This problem of substance abuse changes with time. The treatment for this includes all the aspects such as mental, social and medical problem.

There are many ways to treat substance abuse, but the most common tactics are:

Detox: this helps the body to get substance out of the system. This treatment is carried out in supervision to make sure that the patient is safe. It this process the intake of the drug is gradually reduced so that the body can adjust to it.

Treating withdrawal: The symptoms for this occur as depression, fatigue, and sleep problem. Doctors prescribe medication to make the effects less effective and it also helps the brain in adjusting with the absence of drugs.

Behavioural Therapy: such type of therapy helps in making medications and treatments more effective. It also changes the thinking process of the people and helps in coping with the craving of drugs.

Causes of Substance Abuse

People dealing in different situation starts using drugs just for relaxing and to make them feel better, it is considered as an initial step towards the addiction to substance abuse.

In the long run, this habit negatively affects areas of life such as work, study, finance, and relationship. Moreover, if someone is involved in illegal substance abuse, they may end up in trouble with the police.

A user may feel anxious, depressed, frustrated and angry as they start quitting substance abuse.

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