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Who Can Use Amsterdam Tourist Doctors?

Whether you're an international student, tourist, or ex-pat, you can receive excellent healthcare from tourist doctors in Amsterdam. 
As a non-resident, you may find navigating the Dutch healthcare system challenging, but the tourist doctors here are trained specially to provide you with the care you need. 

It's worth noting that tourists must pay for services upfront, but you can get reimbursed through your insurance after your care visit. 
A fantastic option for international visitors who become sick or injured. 

In an emergency, you must contact Amsterdam emergency services number 112 or go to the emergency department.

However, most common illnesses and refills can be done with a simple telehealth visit. In that case, it's recommended that you use our service instead of the emergency department, as insurance will not cover it fully.

All international visitors are welcome to seek medical attention if needed. So don't hesitate to contact our tourist doctor if you need quick and convenient medical help during your visit to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Tourist Doctors: Online vs In-Person Care from

When being a tourist in Amsterdam, unexpected health issues can arise. It's essential to be prepared for such instances and to know where to find reliable medical attention. Given our digital age, online care, also known as telehealth, is becoming the preferred option for tourists seeking healthcare in Amsterdam. Online care has proven more convenient for tourists, eliminating the need to navigate a foreign city, sit in a crowded waiting room, and waste precious vacation time.

Sign up and book your consultation now to get the medical assistance you need in Amsterdam.