Anxiety, what is it?

Anxiety Symptoms, Diagnosis, And Treatment for Anxiety 

Feeling nervousness, fear, and anxiousness in a manner that is hard to control is a sign of anxiety. It is the most common mental health problem in the European Union.

Every person feels anxiety to a different level; some may experience mild anxiety treated with a careful plan. Others have serious symptoms that are difficult to manage.

Our experienced doctors can understand how difficult it is to live with anxiety. They will carefully listen to your symptoms and will help in getting the most effective treatment.

Anxiety can affect everyone

Anyone can get affected by anxiety. Although it can occur due to different reasons in life. For instance:

  • Older people tend to feel anxiety, due to the element of retirement and loss of the routine.

  • Students feel this due to the pressure of the exam and the process for finding jobs.

  • People under 35 are often exposed to pressure to achieve everything which society regards it as normal.

  • Middle-aged people may feel anxiousness, due to their children who are planning to leave the house

  • Women with menopause also suffer from anxiousness.

  • People tend to feel anxiousness without any apparent or particular reason, and it is considered as the most challenging kind of condition to be recognized.

Regardless of the category, it is important to get proper help for the treatment of such mental health issue.

Anxiety Symptoms

It has a wide range of physical and psychological symptoms. There is no need to get all of them to be diagnosed, some people experience two to three symptoms. 

It can affect life in numerous ways when people continuously feel worried; they may encounter chest pain, loss of appetite and insomnia. If these issues are not treated at the right time, it can significantly impact your life in a negative way and can cause a long-term health issue.

Anxiety Diagnosis

During the online consultation, our doctors will ask about your feelings and from how long you are suffering from it.

Your conversation with the doctor is completely confidential, so do not worry and answer each question honestly, in order to get the right treatment. By the provided information our doctors can diagnose whether it is an anxiety disorder or any other problem.

Anxiety Causes

Before suggesting any treatment, it is important to identify the cause of anxiety. Potential causes for anxiety may include:

  • Biological factor

  • Relationships

  • Traumatic life events

  • Job

  • Money issues

Anxiety Treatment

Before prescribing any medication or treatment, our doctors will consider numerous actors to determine appropriate treatment for you. They will ask about the severity of the symptoms and your medical history.

The most common treatments for anxiety are:

  • Medication

  • Talking therapy or CBT

  • A combination of both

Anxiety often occurs with the symptoms of depression; if you have symptoms for both, our doctors will modify the treatment plan accordingly.

Anxiety during pregnancy

Feeling anxiety during pregnancy is considered normal — general for the women who get pregnant for the first time. However, if you feel that your symptoms are getting severe, you should doctor immediately.

The doctors will help you with the situation and will suggest suitable treatment that will protect you and your baby.


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