Heart Palpitations

Online Treatment for Heart Palpitations

A person experiencing heart palpitation can immediately see a doctor without waiting. At Mobi Doctor, you get a consultation from our doctor in a few minutes on your smartphone for seven days a week.

If you are having severe pain in your chest, call 112 immediately.

What Heart Palpitations are?

When then your heart starts is beatsingsing outside its other than its normal rhythm, which lasts for a couple of minutes and second this condition is known as heart palpitation. It is also known with another name as heart racing, irregular heartbeat or heart fluttering. However, this condition is sometimes not serious to get worried about, but if you experience heart palpitation with symptoms like tight chest, dizziness, trouble in breathing or dizziness, this could be an indication for something really serious and person having these symptoms should consult a doctor immediately.

Treatment for Heart Palpitations

Before treating or prescribing medications for heart palpitation, it is essential to identify the cause of it. For instance, if the issue is related to stress, you can be asked for mind management technique and relaxation that will keep you calm. Another reason for heart palpitation can be edibles; some food intakes causes the heartbeat to become irregular. For this doctors’ advice you to limit the intake or stop eating such substances. Moreover, blood or physical problems with heart also causes heart palpitation and for these doctors provide the treatment options, which may include medications. If the doctors are of the view that medicines are needed they will write a prescription for you, by which you can buy from the pharmacy of your choice.

Causes of Heart Palpitations

There are potential reasons that can cause heart palpitation, and this list is too long to be mentioned. It may include:

  • Eating a rich or spicy meal

  • Habit of smoking, too much intake of alcohol, recreational drugs and excess intake of caffeine.

  • Side effects of medicines

  • An overactive thyroid

  • Stress or anxiety leads to a panic attacks

  • Adrenaline surge, it is when your body is in the state of releasing a large amount of hormones which is associated with excitement or nerves

  • Hormonal changes, especially for pregnant women, menopause or period

  • Blood disorder, like anaemia, low sugar or blood pressure

When heart palpitation occurs frequently, this can be a symptom for a serious health heart condition. Furthermore, if you are concerned about heart palpitation, visit a doctor immediately to find out the reason for this.