Ant Bites


In the UK, various kinds of ants can sting and bite humans. Typically, such bites and stings are harmless, but they can cause discomfort in swelling, itching, and pain.


If an ant has bitten you and you are experiencing severe symptoms or concerned about the possibility of infection, it is recommended that you consult with a doctor online immediately.


Our doctors can assess the affected area, determine if the bite needs attention, and prescribe medication or antibiotics to relieve discomfort or fight infection.

Why do ants bite people?

In the UK, the black garden ant is the most prevalent type and does not bite or sting. However, various species do possess this ability.


Ants typically do not attack people unless they sense a threat to their colony or are provoked into defending themselves.


Depending on the species, they may use their stinger to inflict pain or bite with their powerful mouthparts and inject formic acid into the wound, causing immense discomfort.

Treating ant bites

While ant bites and stings are usually not dangerous, they can cause discomfort in pain, swelling, and intense itching.


Scratching a wound can increase the risk of infection and may worsen the healing process. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid scratching and adequately care for the wound to prevent infection.


In the unlikely event of an allergic reaction to an ant bite, you may experience dizziness, swelling in other parts of your body, or nausea. If this happens, it is vital to seek emergency medical assistance immediately.

Talk to a doctor about ant bites

If an ant has bitten you and you have severe symptoms or fear an infection has developed, it is essential to seek medical advice as soon as possible. Contact a doctor online without delay.

Our doctors at Mobi Doctor can assess the bite, provide guidance on the need for treatment, and, if required, issue a prescription for medication to ease your symptoms or antibiotics to combat infections.