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Only €24.00

Yes. Mobidoctor allows you to connect with English-speaking doctors in Spain at any time of day or night. Within minutes, you will be connected with a top rated English speaking doctor..

Yes. Doctors who are fluent in English are the only ones who are allowed to use the platform. Before being accepted into Mobidoctor, each doctor undergoes a rigorous screening process.

Mobidoctor does not offer emergency services. So, if you have a medical emergency or a life-threatening ailment, please go to the nearest emergency department. While our platform is rapid, it can't ensure that you'll get the help you need now.

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If you do not speak Spanish and require quick urgent treatment, it is advisable to avoid the anguish of an Spainish urgent care clinic. Mobidoctor  will help you connect with an expert doctor who speaks English. 

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Mobidoctor covers all of Spain and cities as: Barcelona , Madrid, Marbella