Swimmer’s Ear

Hearing Loss Symptoms , Causes and Treatment 


Swimmer’s Ear is the common name for Otitis Externa, a medical condition characterised by infection and inflammation of the outer ear and ear canal.


Otitis externa’s moniker comes from the most common cause of the condition, which is constant water exposure. Swimmers and kids are actually vulnerable to getting otitis externa. However, anyone can catch this ear infection.


If you think you have otitis externa, you can consult with our Mobidoctor physicians right away. They can diagnose your ear condition and provide you with prescriptions to help you recover readily from your symptoms.

Otitis Externa Symptoms

There are four possible symptoms of otitis externa:


  • Severe ear pain
  • Itchiness inside the ears
  • Leakage of pus from the ears
  • Temporary hearing loss


Prescription medications are often required to treat these symptoms. It is important to take your doctor-prescribed medicines because if otitis externa is left untreated, it can cause tears in the eardrums, narrowing of the ear canal, or growths inside the ears.


You can get prescriptions from your Mobidoctor physician. You may choose to have your prescriptions sent to your chosen pharmacy for convenient pick-up once the medicines are available.

Otitis Externa Causes

Bacteria getting inside the ears is the most common cause of otitis externa. Bacteria can develop, grow, and multiply as a result of:


  • Allergies to medications or shampoos
  • Irritation from external devices such as earplugs
  • Seborrhoeic dermatitis, a condition where greasy skin areas get irritated, possibly including the ears


Scratching the skin inside the ears and frequent water contact can hasten the development of otitis externa. The warm and moist environment it creates inside the ears becomes a fertile area for the growth and development of bacteria.

Otitis Externa Treatment

Otitis externa can be painful and uncomfortable. Your doctor may prescribe a course of antibiotics to help alleviate the symptoms and eliminate the bacterial cause of the illness.


You need to start treatment as soon as possible in order to remove the possibility of further hearing damage. Stronger antibiotics may also be required if the condition is left untreated.


Symptoms should clear up within a few days after starting the antibiotics. But continue to finish the entire course of antibiotics to fully eliminate the bacteria and ensure no further occurrence of the condition.


See one of our Mobidoctor physicians as soon as you noticed any of the symptoms of otitis externa. Remember that if you get treated sooner, your condition won’t worsen and recovery will be quick.


Otitis Externa Prevention

Preventing otitis externa requires you to eliminate any possible disruptions along your ear canal. This includes avoidance of inserting fingers and cotton-tipped buds into your ear.


Swimmers are advised to wear swimming caps and earplugs to keep as much water out of the ears as possible.


Do not let water or shampoo get inside your ears as much as possible when showering or bathing. Water and shampoo can damage your ear’s internal sensitive skin and cause bacteria to grow, paving the way for otitis externa.