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Urgent care near me Netherland

Getting the urgent care you need is now easier than reserving a table at a fancy restaurant with the help of Mobidoctor.

If you don’t speak Dutch, and you need to see a doctor urgently, no problem! Use Mobidoctor and get an instant appointment from a great doctor who speaks English fluently.

We value your precious time greatly; you don’t need to spend it waiting at an urgent care center.

  • Can I find urgent care near me open now?

    • Yes, absolutely.Mobidoctor is now available in Netherlands and better than an urgent care center! It helps you find doctors that are on call 24/7 in Netherlands who speak English perfectly. Urgent care walk-in clinics are not common in Netherlands as everyone has a designated primary care physician that they can visit on the same day. Doctors at urgent care centers always change their shifts so it’s not easy to find an available English-speaking doctor in your desperate time of need.
  • Can I find a doctor available on Sunday?

    • Yes. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place; you’ll definitely find a doctor who can see you on a Sunday or after-hours; we have great hard-working doctors who work during the weekends. through the help of Mobidoctor you’re connected 24/7 with doctors in Netherlands who speak English. Your request will reach all of your nearest English-speaking doctors within minutes.
  • Will the doctor speak English?

    • Yes, that’s one of our priorities; we only allow doctors who speak fluent English to join our team. We carefully vet each doctor before letting them join Mobidoctor.
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Urgent care Netherland

We offer urgent care all over the Netherlands, these are some of the cities: Amsterdam , Rotterdam

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