Online Treatment for Glandular Fever

Glandular Fever Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


Glandular fever leaves an infected person with run-down and sluggish feeling. You can easily get doctor’s consultation online from your home. Our doctors are there to help you from 8 am to 9 pm, for a whole week, to make your visit easy and comfortable. Book an appointment for the time you like.

What Glandular Fever is

Glandular fever sometimes also referred to as "Mono". It is a prevalent condition that affects your glands in the neck. People in their early twenties and teenagers are more likely to experience this glandular fever. However, this fever gets better after a few weeks on its own, but its symptoms last for an extended period. If you have glandular fever or you think you may have it in sometime, see our GPs and doctors and discuss your symptoms. After knowing the condition, our doctors will deal with your symptoms.

Symptoms of Glandular Fever

The virus that causes glandular fever takes around one to two months to show up its symptoms. The symptoms can occur suddenly or can develop slowly or gradually, while the new symptoms require time to develop.

Symptoms for glandular fever may include:

People can also experience swelling in tonsils, cold sweats, loss of appetite, and rashes. Some people also have yellow eyes as in jaundice and pale or yellow skin, while some develop purple spots at the top of the mouth.

Treatment for Glandular Fever

Since there is no treatment or cure for glandular fever, it is recommended to visit a doctor immediately as you identify any of the symptoms of glandular fever. A general physician can provide you with the advice you can follow and can also prescribe medicines for the symptoms you are experiencing. , Tthe prescribed medicines will help in making you comfortable and will assist in relieving the symptoms. Moreover, glandular fever is caused by a virus, antibiotics cannot help in the treatment. , Hhowever, the course of corticosteroids is prescribed to people with particularly serious condition of swelling and suffering from other problems. If you have a problem in breathing, difficulty in swallowing the liquid or having severe pain in the stomach, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible to get rid of this condition.

Causes of Glandular Fever

This fever is a consequence of viral infection. It clears up on its own, within a month or two. Moreover, the symptoms of the virus that causes fever will appear suddenly or will develop gradually, but new symptoms will develop with time.