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MobiDoctor offers an economical solution by providing online doctor consultation to expat and residents alike. Unlike popular belief, telehealth solutions are not expensive. For people who do not hold any health insurance, for example, the expat living in Amsterdam, telehealth can be a reliable solution.

The English-speaking doctor is available online from 9 am - 10 pm 365 days a year. The online doctors available in Amsterdam with Mobidoctor are general practitioners. They can easily diagnose your condition over video-calls.

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  • All about comfort

    • No need to leave the office or the comfy of bed to talk to a doctor. Mobi Doctor allows you to stay at home and consult our online doctor without any expenditure that may sound like a burden. We facilitate you in getting yourself checked by a general practitioner in these testing times without moving an inch. The service is available for expat and residents living in Munich alike. The English speaking doctors can provide a comprehensive solution to your problems.
  • Ease of Prescription

    • Mobi Doctor makes sure that you get the prescription you need. Whatever your medical diagnosis may be, the general practitioner can help you with prescriptions so that you can get the medication you need.
  • Data encryption

    • Privacy is vital, and maintaining your privacy is the most essential perspective for Mobi Doctor. The data is encrypted by MobiDoctor not to have any prying eyes to steal your information online. Whether it is your medical condition or personal info that you share with our online doctor. The data is safe and secure!



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Consult an online doctor with Mobidoctor

If you are living in Amsterdam, then an online doctor who is available throughout the week can help you. It does not matter if you are an expat or resident; Mobi Doctor does not differentiate. Please consult our English speaking doctor today and get treated for your condition. The English-speaking doctors that work with us are highly trained to diagnose your condition via the video call efficiently. Maintain your health security by staying home in these testing times. Going to the hospital or pharmacy can be a menace.

Stay home, get consulted online with MobiDoctor.



Consult a doctor in Amsterdam

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