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Searching for an instant doctor consultation? Don't like to wait in line? Just sit back and relax. With our online doctor clinic, you get the best care and medical guidance that leaves you feeling better instantly. You can now get in touch with the best online doctors for online consultation and prescription via our website. All the benefits of seeing a physical doctor only that online visits are faster and easier. Its completely hassle-free

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  • What can the online doctor prescribe?

    • We can prescribe any medication, except storing opioids
  • How can I consult the doctor online?

    • You will be able to speak to our doctor through a video consultation. You can then discuss your concerns and symptoms with them as you do in a physical consultation. You will also be able to show them your affected areas like your skin allergy or a burn. Mobidoctor assures you complete privacy as your doctor sits in a private consultation room so you can talk confidentially just like in regular doctor clinic.
  • How can I book my consultation?

    • That is quickly done in 2 minutes. All you need is to sign up, press "book consultation" in the menu inside your profile. Select your desired time and complete the booking.
  • Do I need to download anything to consult the doctor?

    • No. All you need is to sign up an book your consultation. Then you log back into your profile a few minutes before the consultation time, and the doctor will call you. The consultation is fully encrypted and is not stored anywhere. So your information is secure and safe
  • How do I get my prescription?

    • If needed, the doctor will send you your prescription imminently to your profile.

Reserve an appointment with our English speaking doctors right away, or plan a meeting that you choose at the time that is convenient for you. Book your consultation now. No waiting!


Now there's no need to wait do see an English speaking doctor in Bucharest. Mobidoctor enables you to consult with an English speaking doctor in Bucharest quickly. All without and traffic jams or waiting in line. All online consultations are fully secured and encrypted.


Our virtual visits will provide you with an in-office setting, just through a camera lens and without all the hassle. You will be provided with an online diagnosis, and if needed, a prescription will be sent right after your consultation.

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