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Reserve an appointment with our English speaking doctors right away, or plan a meeting that you choose at the time that is convenient for you. Book your consultation now. No waiting!


Mobidoctor enables you to consult with an English speaking doctor in Bucharest quickly and get a prescription in minutes


Our virtual visits will provide you with an in-office setting, just through a camera lens and without all the hassle. You will be provided with an online diagnosis, and if needed, a prescription will be sent right after your consultation.

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Only €26

Looking for an English speaking doctor in Bucharest?

Finding an English-speaking doctor in Bucharest can be very challenging. Not many doctors speak English fluently. This is problematic because, in order to get well, you need to understand your diagnosis and directions for care. Mobidoctor ensures that your doctor can communicate effectively with you in your native language. You’ll be able to enjoy the peace of mind that you and your doctor understand each other.

No insurance? No problem.

Don’t let a lack of insurance stop you from getting the healthcare you deserve. Mobidoctor charges a flat fee for telehealth appointments, no matter what.  

Definitely! We understand that not everyone has a solid tech background, but we don’t want that to block you from receiving great urgent care. We take pride in offering a platform that’s easy for anyone to use.

Help from Mobidoctor is just a few steps away. First, confirm that your internet connection is reliable. Next, double-check that your laptop, phone, or other device has a working camera and microphone and is connected to the internet. Next, create your account and start booking appointments.

Mobidoctor takes all the stress out of visiting the doctor. In minutes, you can connect with a live, English-speaking doctor who can help you start feeling better fast. They’ll provide you with a diagnosis and medical advice and write prescriptions if needed. It’s that easy.

Find an English-Speaking Doctor in Bucharest

Have you been Googling “English-speaking doctor near me” and struggling to find an urgent care that meets your needs? You’re not alone. English-speaking doctors in Romania can be difficult to come by. We don’t want you to spend your day stressing about where to turn to receive help. Create your Mobidoctor profile and book an appointment with a licensed, English-Speaking doctor who can help you return to optimal health immediately.

Our doctors can be consulted 365 days a year. We will be there for you whethern a weekend, holiday, or after-hours you need help o. We never collect insurance information, and our rates are always affordable.

If you need medical assistance while in Bucharest, we strongly encourage you to contact an English-speaking doctor today.





English speaking doctor, Bucharest

The language barrier can be a real obstacle when looking for urgent care.

But not with Mobidoctor. The home to a team of online doctors who are fluent in English, Mobidoctor’s online doctor consultations guarantee that you’ll always have access to the help you need when you need it.

Daily consultations

Your health is always on our minds from Monday to Sunday, and we're here when you need us.

No appointment queues

With us, waiting times are virtually nonexistent. Talk to a doctor online in minutes us—telemedicine is here to attend to your pressing health concerns.

Convenient and easy

Have an online doctor check up on you in minutes. 100% secureconsultationsWe ensure that all telemedicine correspondence is fully private and safe.

Clinic-like experience

Our skilled doctors can offer the features of an in-house visit via video conferences.


Our team highlights significant advances in telemedicine for patients in the EU, EEA, and the UK.

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