Online Treatment for Cold

If you suffer from a cold, you can see a mobidoctor without leaving your home. Furthermore, you can get an appointment on your computer, tablet or smartphone. This facility is available for consecutive 7 days, which means a week from 8 o'clock in the morning till 9 p.m. Questions about flying with a cold? We recommend consulting a doctor first.

What Cold is?

Cold is among the most common viral infections. People get this viral infection once a year, and usually, it is not severe. But it can make you feel awful.

However, there is no cure for cold, but there are many other treatments that can help to cope up with the symptoms., With such treatments, you will start feeling better within 7 days.

In the initial stages, the flu can make you feel similar to how you feel in the cold because each causes a sore throat and a runny nose. Symptoms of cold grow gradually, whereas flu effects suddenly.

Symptoms of Cold

The constant symptoms of cold include:

Remedies and Cold Treatment

Treating cold is difficult as antibiotics have no impact over it. The best way for cold treatment is by keeping yourself hydrated, taking rest and plenty of sleep. You can also try some home remedies that will soothemollify the your symptoms. If you feel that symptoms are getting worse or you feel that your condition is not getting better, consult a doctor.

How Long Cold can last?

Outbreak Onset for 1 to 3 days

During this time you can notice cold coming. You will start feeling unwell; you will experience blocked or a runny nose. You may feel fuzzy in your head. Mostly, people start to coughing in this period.

Recovery in 4 to 7 days

An infected person should start getting better in a week, but in children, it requires more time to recover.

Moreover, if you have cough- this will take a few days to get better.