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Application for a work permit in Malta

Mobidoctor will provide you with an online health screening for your renewal of work permit in Malta so that you do not need to physically visit a  clinic. Our doctors are regulated by the Ministry for health, and any of our fully certified GPs can complete the necessary procedures online via a convenient video chat consultation. 

For more information and to find the required forms, please visit this site

  • Where can I find the “Health Screening for Renewal of Work Permit Form” for Malta?

    • Suppose you know that you need to complete a health screening to renew your work permit. In that case, you need to download the appropriate Health Screening for Renewal of Work Permit Form. Two different forms are depending on what occupation you have. Both of which can be found on the Government of Malta website.
  • Who needs to submit the “Health Screening for Renewal of Work Permit Form” in Malta?

    • ● People who are applying for jobs in the “Other” category that were not born in Malta, or have been living overseas for six months or more in a particular country that is deemed high risk for tuberculosis ● Doctors, dentists, midwives, carers, nurses and other regulated healthcare professions, child carers, beauty therapists; dental chairside assistants; nannies; tattooists and masseurs/masseuses ● Food handlers Who does NOT need to fill out the “Health Screening for Renewal of Work Permit Form” in Malta? ● Administrators ● Construction workers/manual labourers ● Footballers ● Hairdressers/make up artists ● Transportation staff ● Cleaning staff
  • What else do I need for my health screening for the renewal of work permit Malta?

    • As part of your work permit Malta application, you are also required to submit proof of measles and polio vaccinations. You may also need a recent chest X-ray depending on your originating country. If you have been vaccinated in Malta, the Mobidoctor GP will be able to forward you the appropriate proof of records. If you are not vaccinated, Mobidoctor can help you to set up an appointment with a certified doctor who can provide these.
  • How do I make a booking?

    • To make a booking to see one of our doctors for an online consultation, you need to sign up to our website. Then click "book consultation" in the menu that you will find inside your profile. You can book a consultation as soon as possible, or you can wait for a time that is more convenient for you and your schedule. Our services are available from 8 am to 9 pm every day.



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Health Screening For Renewal of Work Permit Malta

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