Anal Itching

Anal Itching, also known as an itchy bottom, can be uncomfortable or even painful.

Anal itching, medically known as pruritus ani, is persistent itchiness of the buttocks and anus. This condition has several possible causes, and the treatment also varies depending on the identified cause.

You may speak to our Mobidoctor physicians to assess and diagnose your anal itching. They can pinpoint the causes, diagnose you properly, and provide treatment options through an online video consultation. You don’t have to silently suffer from a persistently itchy bottom because help and treatment are minutes away with Mobidoctor.

Causes of Anal Itching

Typical causes of anal itching may include the following conditions.

Haemorrhoids/Piles – These are blood vessels in the anus that get swollen due to excessive pressure on your buttocks. Straining while you move your stools can exacerbate the condition.


Bacterial or fungal infections – Bacteria that naturally live in the buttocks and perineal area can sometimes grow out of hand. This can especially happen if you suffer from incontinence or diarrhoea bouts. Meanwhile, fungal infection can occur if the buttocks are always unclean and moist. Improper hygiene contributes to both bacterial and fungal growth.


Other skin conditions – Psoriasis and eczema can affect the skin on your buttocks, making them dry and itchy.

Treating anal itching

Itchy bums typically stop after a few days. However, if it persists for over a week, see your doctor for an assessment and diagnosis.

Your physician will visually assess the skin on your bum to look for possible causes of the itchiness. Inform him of any medications you took or currently take and accompanying symptoms you’ve experienced.


Treatment plans are often designed to help you get rid of itchy bums without medications. The usual focus is on improving hygiene on your buttocks and perineal area. Soaking in warm sitz baths is also advised to relieve piles/haemorrhoids. However, existing skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis will need medicated creams or lotions to help soothe the itchiness in the area.

Speak to a doctor about Anal Itching

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