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At Mobidoctor, we want you to get well soon! The best way to do that is to create a profile and book an appointment with one of our doctors. You can schedule a time for a consultation as soon as possible or later.


Not sure if a virtual doctor visit is proper for you? Rest assured that online doctors can do anything that an in-person doctor can, from assessing your symptoms to making a diagnosis and writing prescriptions.


When you’re sick, all you want to do is stay under the covers and get some rest. With Mobidoctor, you can! There’s no need to get dressed or navigate the city when you can video conference with a reliable doctor from wherever you are – even if it’s from bed.

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Looking for an English speaking doctor in Barcelona?

Although Barcelonan doctors are fantastic, many of them only speak Catalan or Spanish. Unless you are 100% fluent, you may not be able to communicate your medical needs, and they may be unable to convey your instructions for care properly. It’s best to find an excellent English-speaking doctor in Barcelona so there are no doubts or questions. Mobidoctor makes it easy to find such a doctor. Our team comprises numerous medical professionals fluent in English and can connect with you in your native language.

No insurance? No problem.

Healthcare should be affordable regardless of whether or not you have medical insurance. That’s why Mobidoctor always charges a flat rate for online doctor visits.

Commonly asked questions

Yes! We have designed an incredibly user-friendly platform that allows any person of any age or background to quickly connect with an English-speaking doctor in Barcelona.

Accessing Mobidoctor is quick and straightforward. You're ready to begin your visit if you have an internet-connected device with a working camera and microphone. Create a profile, book an appointment, and join the consultation with your doctor from anywhere in Barcelona or Spain.

Mobidoctor eliminates the hassle and cost of visiting a doctor’s office abroad. Our flat fee urgent care service instantly connects patients with English-speaking doctors that can address their every need.

Healthcare access anytime, anywhere Share your health concerns with top-notch general practitioners who can answer your queries and issue online prescriptions after evaluating your condition. Whether you're away from home or travelling, Mobidoctor is here to take care of you!

Find an English-Speaking Doctor in Barcelona

With Mobidoctor, there’s no need to waste hours Googling an “English-speaking doctor near me.” We’ve assembled an incredible team of English-speaking doctors who can readily help you in your hour of need in a language you understand.

Our doctors are ready to help 365 days a year. We know you may fall ill on a holiday or a weekend, so we’re always prepared. No matter what day it is, you’ll still enjoy the same affordable rates for doctor consultations.

If you’re living in Barcelona or visiting the city and need medical care, don't hesitate to contact Mobidoctor and schedule an appointment immediately.

We provide English-speaking doctors in Barcelona for urgent care needs. Whether you need treatment for a minor injury or feel sick and need some advice, our doctors can help.





Some of the conditions we can assist with

How to find an English speaking doctor in Barcelona?

Finding a doctor in Barcelona doesn’t need to be a challenge since we are available all year round, and you can book an appointment easily at a time that suits you. It is no surprise that many residents in Barcelona and throughout Spain continue to use our services repeatedly. 

You can sign up within 60 seconds and book your appointment. Our qualified doctors can provide a prescription within minutes or book a referral if needed. You can also request a follow-up with your English doctor in Barcelona to give you more information. Unlike a typical doctor in Spain, you won’t need any insurance to use your service.

Sign up, enter a few basic details, and you will connect with an English-speaking doctor in Barcelona.

Forget about long waiting limes; instead, look forward to enjoying your stay in Barcelona without the stress of looking for healthcare

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