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MobiDoctor is a telehealth service that includes English speaking doctors for the natives and non-natives living in Berlin. The expats who do not speak German may find it challenging to converse their problems to an online doctor or a physically present one. Finding an English-speaking doctor in berlin can be a menace as well. At this point, Mobidoctor comes to the rescue! We provide telehealth services via our English-speaking doctors online.

  • We offer top healthcare at great value

    • The regular day-to-day general practitioner service is expensive. Suppose you are an expat who does not have health insurance; the service does weigh heavy on your pocket. Contrary to the typical belief, online doctor service is not expensive compared to physical general practitioner service. Getting an English-speaking doctor online is now feasible via MobiDoctor. We are also covered by most health and travel and insurances, so if needed, we will assist in filling the documents required for you to get refunded
  • How do I book my consultation?

    • That is quickly done in 2 minutes. All you need is to sign up, press "book consultation" in the menu inside your profile. Select your desired time and complete the booking.
  • Do I need to download anything to consult the doctor?

    • No.
  • How do I get my prescription?

    • If needed, the doctor will send you your prescription imminently to your profile and to your email.

MobiDoctor aspires to provide the easiest and best alternative to a visit at a physical general practitioner clinic in Berlin. To acquire the services, you just need to sign up in three simple steps. The services that Mobidoctor encompasses are listed as


Schedule an appointment with our English speaking doctors right now, or schedule a virtual visit at a later time. Mobidoctor is your hassle-free medical alternative


Now, you do not have to wait for seeing an English speaking doctor. Mobidoctor helps you talking to an English speaking doctor. All the doctors that we provide you are certified and licensed based in Berlin.


Our virtual visits will surely provide you with an environment like that of an in-office check-up. Just without all the hassle, you like to avoid when feeling il

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Consult your online doctor today!

The booking for our English-speaking doctor is made online in three simple steps. Consult our general practitioner today to get treated according to your condition. MobiDoctor aims to provide a seamless online treatment that does not burden your pocket. Expats can make use of this service too.


Fearing COVID-19? Our online doctor clinic is here to help

To keep yourself safe, try to avoid physically going to the clinic, or to a hospital unless it is an emergency.
Have any queries about the virus?
Our English speaking doctors in Berlin are always available to help you in case you feel any symptoms of the virus.



Mobidoctor also covers all other cities in Germany and also all other EU countries. Here are a small selection of the other locations

Doctor Zurich Doctor Birkirkara Doctor Amsterdam Doctor Vienna Doctor Porto Doctor Rome Doctor Lake Como  Doctor Lisbon  Doctor Milan  Doctor Madrid  Doctor BudapestDoctor Bucharest Doctor Cologne Doctor KrakowBarcelona Doctor Athens


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