Looking for a doctor in Attard?

Attard is a unique town in Central Malta. The town features a mix of both modern and old Maltese cultures. Many locals and tourists flock to Attard to see its citrus orchards and flower gardens. But how to find a doctor in this beautiful town?

Mobidoctor.eu addresses the emerging need for convenient and affordable medical care services! Mobidoctor utilizes a combination of technology and medical expertise to deliver quality primary care to Maltese residents and tourists.

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Mobidoctor: The Maltese Frontliner in Online Medical Services

Telemedicine and online medical services have become famous throughout Malta lately. Lots of people in different Maltese towns such as in Attard now rely on online consultations for quick relief from their illnesses.

Mobidoctor is a pioneer and more frontline in online medical services. The platform provides seamless doctor consultations through a secured online technology. It’s safe, convenient, affordable, and secure – no wonder many Maltese people have tried it and were satisfied already!

Physical doctor visits aren’t always the gold standard when you’re feeling unwell. In fact, 9 out of 10 visits can be done through online means. Mobidoctor realizes this, hence, prompting them to launch services were the most convenient doctor Attard and have come together to provide online, face-to-face consultations to patients.

You may also choose to contact the Rabat Health Center that mainly offers services to residents of Rabat, Mdina, Dingli, Attard, Bidnija and Kuncizzjoni.

Here are the specific services Mobidoctor provides its clients:

  • Online face-to-face video consultations
  • Medicine prescriptions as needed
  • Fit notes issuance and backdated fit notes for up to 2 weeks
  • Referrals to reputable medical specialists in Malta
  • Prescriptions for pickup at the pharmacy of your choice – optional
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