Online Treatment for Bronchitis

Bronchitis Symptoms, Causes and Online Treatment 

If you think that you are suffering from bronchitis, the last thing you do is you will waiting wait for weeks to see a doctor or general practitioners.

Our doctors are available from 8 in the morning till 8 in the evening. They will help in the diagnosis of your symptoms and can provide you with appropriate treatment.

What Bronchitis is?

It’s a kind of infection that causes inflammation in your lungs. Lungs generally produce mucus that helps in stopping harmful elements or particles from entering in airways. Moreover, if you are suffering from bronchitis, your lungs will produce too much mucus, which your body will omit by coughing.

The infection of bronchitis can be

  • Acute – severe that lasts for some weeks

  • Chronic – constant bouts that will last for a minimum quarter of the year

Symptoms of Bronchitis

A severe cough is a primary indication of bronchitis. A cough caused by this infection can be painful or hurting, and in this infection, it is difficult to breathe. In bronchitis, the mucus turns grey, yellow or green.

People who have bronchitis will encounter flu or cold symptoms, like a runny or blocked nose, tiredness, and headache.

Visit a doctor immediately if you have

  • Cough from last four weeks
  • Blood in mucus you are coughing up
  • Asthma or pre-existing lung disease
  • A high temperature
  • A frequent problem in breathing

Treatment for Bronchitis

Like other viruses, acute bronchitis will go away on its own with the doctor's consultation. However, there are remedies an infected person can try to speed up the healing process, such as avoiding a smoky environment, getting plenty of rest and sleep and keeping yourself hydrated. Doctors can also prescribe a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) for the treatment of your bronchitis.

Moreover, chronic bronchitis cannot be cured. A person suffering from chronic bronchitis can only make symptoms better and make it less effective by eating healthy food and doing regular exercise.

If you feel that the symptoms you are experiencing are severe, our doctors can provide you with further consultation for treatment and test such as, mucus sample or an X-ray. This is done to figure out a more serious condition, such as pneumonia.

People should not ignore the symptoms of bronchitis, so get a consultation from our experienced general physicians by booking an appointment. Our doctors can provide you with timely help and a place that this convenient for you.

Causes of Bronchitis

The viruses for flu and bronchitis are the same; even people who get affected by the virus causes bronchitis in a similar way they get affected by influenza. Referring to similar ways, it can be touching the infected surface or human contact. However, smoking is among the most common activities that are associated with bronchitis. Inhaling the smoke irritates the lining of the lungs and will ensure the infection of bronchitis. This is a fact that when you breathe in an environment where there is pollution in the air or chemical of cleaning product, you are more likely to experience bronchitis.