What is Balanitis?

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The inflammation and swelling of the head of the penis is a condition called Balanitis, causing discomfort and soreness. The foreskin can also be affected by this condition.

Males of all ages can develop the condition, but it is most prevalent among boys below four. It primarily impacts individuals without circumcision, including children and men.

If you are experiencing Balanitis, it is crucial to seek medical attention as various factors could cause it and lead to severe health problems.

Our doctors at Mobi Doctor are available to discuss the causes and treatment of Balanitis discreetly at a convenient location and time for you, whether it is for yourself or your child.

Balantis Symptoms

Swelling of the head of the penis is the primary symptom of Balanitis, and this can lead to an inability to retract the foreskin, a state called phimosis.

Other symptoms can include:

  • A rash

  • Pain when urinating

  • Redness

  • An unpleasant, strong-smelling discharge under the foreskin

  • Itchiness

  • Soreness

As some of these symptoms can indicate other medical conditions, seeking medical advice from a doctor is essential to ensure you receive the correct diagnosis. This will help ensure that you get the appropriate treatment for your condition.

Identifying the underlying cause of Balanitis is essential to receive proper treatment and prevent it from recurring. Doing so is the best way to ensure any potentially serious issues are addressed and to get a handle on Balanitis.

Balantis causes

There are numerous possible causes of Balanitis, which encompass:

  • Insufficient frequency of penis hygiene practices

  • Excessive abrasiveness during cleansing

  • Skin sensitivity triggered by the soap or shower gel used

  • An allergic response to latex-based contraceptive items

  • The presence of a fungal infection

  • The occurrence of a bacterial infection

  • An adverse reaction to antibiotics or other prescribed drugs

Balanitis could be heightened in probability if you have any of the following conditions:

  • A dermatological condition like eczema or psoriasis

  • Diabetes

The cause might not be apparent in certain instances, leading a medical professional to diagnose it as non-specific Balanitis.

Balantis Diagnosis

A medical professional can typically identify the condition by visually examining the penis. Our medical experts can perform this assessment through a secure online video consultation. Additionally, they will inquire about your symptoms and medical history. 

Frequently, treatment can swiftly eliminate the infection, and additional testing may not be necessary.

If the treatment is ineffective and the doctor cannot diagnose, you may be referred to a specialist for further investigation. This may include taking a swab sample from the affected area to be sent to a laboratory for analysis.

Balanitis can be a sign of diabetes, so that you might be tested for it.

In case of STI suspicion, you may be referred to a GUM clinic.

The doctor may refer you to a skin specialist if you need further testing.

How ro treat Balantis

The doctor's diagnosis will determine the best course of treatment for your Balanitis, as there are a variety of potential causes.

If one's hygiene is the root of the issue, then changing habits may be enough to prevent Balanitis from reoccurring.

Our physicians may prescribe the following medications when appropriate:

  • Oral antibiotics

  • Ointments to treat irritated skin

  • Antifungal and antibiotic creams

  • Steroid creams

Our doctors can provide confidential and efficient treatment if you are dealing with Balanitis.

To help a child recover from Balanitis, it is essential to keep their penis clean, change their nappies frequently and avoid using specific products. A doctor can provide additional advice on how to treat a child with Balanitis.

When cleaning the area around a child's foreskin, please do not attempt to pull it back. The foreskin may still be attached to the penis, and forcibly retracting it can cause damage.

How to prevent Balantis

Maintaining proper personal hygiene: Gently wash the penis daily with warm water. For adults, it's advisable to retract the foreskin to ensure thorough cleansing and drying. If using soap, opt for an unscented and mild variety.

Avoid harsh or scented soaps: Refrain from using soaps with strong fragrances or harsh ingredients.

Opting for latex-free condoms: If you have an allergy, choose latex-free condoms.

Being cautious with lubricants and emollients: Only use these when necessary to prevent potential irritation.

Practicing safer sex: This helps reduce the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

For children, preventive steps include:

  • Regularly changing diapers.

  • Ensuring cleanliness and dryness.

  • Avoiding products that could lead to irritation, like fragranced wet wipes.

  • Not attempting to retract a child's foreskin for cleaning, especially if it's still attached to the penis, to prevent potential harm.