Psychiatrist in Malta and Gozo


Psychiatrists are doctors who specialize in the study, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of mental, behavioural and emotional disorders. Psychiatrists specialize in different areas of psychiatry, some by age such as adult and children psychiatry and others by disorders such as behavioural or personality disorder. Psychiatrists are usually the leaders of teams of a mental health specialist; they take the lead in diagnosing and drawing out a suitable treatment plan for individual cases as every case is unique and different. Treatment plans usually involve medications and psychological and physical treatment.

When should I see a psychiatrist?

Several symptoms indicate the presence of a mental, behavioural or emotional disorder. In most cases, the individuals do not know they need help and might be referred by their GP, taken by a loved one or in other cases, visit the psychiatrist themselves. If you notice or experience any of these symptoms or associated symptoms, consult your GP or see a psychiatrist.

• Drastic and strange personality changes

• Sudden or gradual withdrawal from social activities

• Loss of interest in formally enjoyed activities

• Excessive feeling of anger, sadness or anxiety

• Consistent hyperactivity

• Self-harm or risky behaviours

If you notice these symptoms or any associated symptoms and would like to fix an appointment with a suitable psychiatrist in Malta, please contact us.

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