Tinnitus is a constant or frequent ringing in the ears. It is most noticeable especially if you are in a quiet place.

Tinnitus Symptoms , Tinnitus Causes and Treatment 


Mild cases of tinnitus are usually not noticeable and easily treatable. But severe cases of tinnitus can greatly interrupt a person’s activities of daily living. At times, concentrating or even sleeping can become impossible.


Mobidoctor physicians are here to help diagnose your condition and help you find ways to alleviate your symptoms through medications and lifestyle management.

Tinnitus Symptoms

Most tinnitus sufferers experience a constant ringing sound in their ears. But actually, this sound could also be a buzzing or humming sound, as long as it is not caused by the environment you’re currently in.


These noises and sounds can cause other problems to develop such as difficulty concentrating, insomnia, and even depression.


At times, tinnitus and hearing loss may occur side-by-side. You may notice some problems with your hearing simultaneously as your tinnitus symptoms progress.

Tinnitus Causes

No exact cause of tinnitus exists for most people. But one of the most common tinnitus causes is constant exposure to loud noises, such as when you:


  • Regularly blast music onto your ears with a headphone or earphones
  • Work in noisy environments such as bars, factories, or building construction sites


Tinnitus may also be caused by other factors such as wax build-up in the ears or an ear infection. At times, the condition is actually a symptom of age-related hearing loss.

Tinnitus Treatment

Treatment for tinnitus is focused on eliminating the identified causes of the condition:


  • Infections or blockages are treated by doctor-prescribed antibiotics or removal of the blockage.


  • Tinnitus as a symptom of age-related hearing loss must be consulted with a physician to get advice on how to live with the condition.


  • Exposure to loud noises must be lessened if your tinnitus is due to this. You can wear ear protectors if you cannot completely avoid loud and noisy environments.


You can get expert advice from our Mobidoctor panel of physicians to help you manage and deal with your tinnitus.