Tinnitus is a constant or frequent ringing in the ears. It is most noticeable especially if you are in a quiet place.

Mild cases of tinnitus are usually not noticeable and easily treatable. Severe cases of tinnitus can greatly interrupt a person’s activities of daily living. At times, concentrating or even sleeping can become impossible.


Mobidoctor physicians are here to help diagnose your condition and help you find ways to alleviate your symptoms through medications and lifestyle management.

Tinnitus Symptoms

Although a ringing sensation in the ears is common among tinnitus sufferers, it can manifest as various noises unrelated to your surroundings, like buzzing or humming.


Furthermore, these sounds can lead to additional issues like insomnia, trouble focusing, and feelings of depression.


It's worth noting that tinnitus and hearing loss frequently co-occur, so you may experience auditory difficulties as your symptoms advance.

Tinnitus Causes

The condition's cause isn't readily apparent in about one-third of tinnitus cases. However, repeated exposure to loud sounds is one of the most recognized factors contributing to tinnitus.


Whether listening to loud music through headphones or working in noisy settings like construction sites, factories, or nightclubs, such exposure can harm your ears and result in tinnitus.


Tinnitus can also be linked to age-related hearing loss or stem from other factors such as ear infections or the accumulation of earwax.

Tinnitus Treatment

In many cases, the most effective approach to treating tinnitus involves addressing the condition's root cause.


For instance, the solution can be relatively straightforward if it's linked to an infection or ear blockage.


If your tinnitus results from exposure to loud noises, limiting such exposure may lead to long-term relief. Utilizing ear protectors is a highly effective method for achieving this.


In cases where age-related hearing loss is a contributing factor, it may involve seeking support and learning to adapt to and manage the effects of tinnitus.


Regardless of the cause, if you seek assistance understanding your tinnitus and identifying its underlying triggers, don't hesitate to contact one of our doctors today at Mobi Doctor.


Tinnitus is typically characterized by a consistent ringing sound in your ears, which can be heard even in quiet surroundings.


While it may be mild and intermittent for some, severe tinnitus can significantly disrupt daily life, making tasks like sleeping and concentrating extremely challenging.


Our medical professionals will discuss your symptoms, identify the root cause of your tinnitus, and provide guidance on treatment options or strategies to cope with it.