Ear Infections

Ear Infections Symptoms and Treatment

Ear infections are quite a common occurrence especially in little children.


These infections happen when bacteria or viruses enter the ears. Swelling and fluid build-up inside the ears may occur as a result.


Various types of ear infections may affect different parts of the ears. Each infection presents with different effects on the ears and the body.


Mobidoctor physicians can recognise your symptoms and give you the right ear infection diagnosis. They can prescribe the appropriate medication to treat your specific condition.

Outer ear infections

Outer ear infections are also known as swimmer’s ear or otitis externa. The infection causes pain, swelling, and inflammation in the outer ear canal.


Symptoms of this infection include:


  • Extreme ear pain
  • Leakage of fluid or pus from the ears
  • Itchiness inside the ears
  • Occasional or temporary hearing loss


An antibiotic course is often needed to treat outer ear infection. You need to talk to a physician to have these medications prescribed for you.

Inner ear infections

Inner ear infections are also known as labyrinthitis. This infection is a serious condition that affects not only hearing but also balance. Symptoms tend to be intense when they initially appear up to the first week. These then tend to decrease in severity after a few more weeks.


Inner ear infection symptoms include the following:



Bacteria and viruses may also be the cause of inner ear infections. You need to consult with a doctor right away to get treatment. If the infection is left untreated, it can progress to serious impairment and hearing loss.