Caring for your stoma

Stoma Care Guidelines


It’s quite challenging to care for your stoma. This rings true especially if you are fresh out of an ileostomy or colostomy operations.


You can trust our Mobidoctor physicians to give you professional advice on proper stoma care and management of pain and discomfort. Your stoma care questions can be discreetly answered by our physicians through our 24/7 video consultation services.

Stoma Complications We Can Help With

There are lots of issues you may want to talk about with your physician regarding a stoma:


Stoma Cleaning


The cleanliness of your stoma is highly crucial in keeping it safe from infections. This is especially important if you chose irrigation instead of a pouch attached outside the stoma opening. Mobidoctor physicians can help you with any questions you may have regarding stoma cleaning.


Skin Irritation


Your Mobidoctor physician will gladly provide a recommendation for lotions or creams that can soothe irritated skin around the stoma. Any further concerns about pain, redness, or inflammation should be discussed as well.


Narrowing or Widening of the Opening


Any changes in the stoma size warrant an assessment of a physician right away. You may show your stoma to your Mobidoctor physician to check if there are problems with the opening.


Advice about diet


You may obtain dietary recommendations straight from our physicians as well. The right diet is important in order to have a smooth-sailing digestive activity inside your body.


Advice about physical activity


Physical activity is one of the most pressing concerns of patients with a stoma. They are worried that this opening will cause them restrictions in their daily physical activities. Speaking with our physicians can help clear out any doubts you may have regarding activities of daily living, including sports and work. You can also get advice about pregnancy and sexual activity.


Advice about colostomy/ileostomy equipment


Ask our physicians about additional advice on how to properly clean and maintain your colostomy/ileostomy bags. They can also provide knowledge about where to obtain extra equipment.

Talk To A Doctor

Our physicians are always here to provide discreet advice regarding your stoma. They are sensitive to your unique needs and will help you as much as you can in transitioning to a life with a stoma. Book an appointment right away to get started at your most convenient time and place.

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