Stoma Care

Caring for your stoma

It’s pretty challenging to care for your stoma. This rings true, especially if you are fresh out of an ileostomy or colostomy operation.


You can trust our Mobidoctor physicians to give you professional advice on proper stoma care and management of pain and discomfort. Your stoma care questions can be discreetly answered by our physicians through our 24/7 video consultation services.

Stoma Complications We Can Help With

Doctors at our practice can help with a variety of issues related to stomas, including:

Skin irritation around your stoma

Our doctors can advise using creams or lotions to help reduce skin irritation, inflammation or pain in the area around your stoma.

Widening or narrowing of the stoma

Pay attention to any changes in your stoma and contact a doctor immediately if you observe anything unusual. This helps ensure that any necessary action is taken on time.

Cleaning your stoma

It is essential to maintain good hygiene if you use irrigation instead of a pouch or bag for your stoma. Our doctors are available to advise and answer any questions you may have.

Talk To A Doctor

If you have any concerns regarding your stoma, our doctors are here to provide you with the utmost care and attention. Schedule an appointment with a doctor at your convenience, and they will help you address the issues with sensitivity.

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What is Stoma?

A stoma is a small opening created in the body, usually in the abdomen, that allows waste passage. It is created surgically and is often used for patients who have had surgery to remove their colon or rectum. The stoma is connected to a pouch that collects the waste and can be emptied regularly.