Pediatricians in Malta and Gozo


Paediatricians are physicians who specialize in children and young people’s health. They diagnose and treat diseases affecting the physical, mental and behavioural health of infants, children and teenagers. In addition to the treatment of these conditions, they manage your child’s health, perform medical exams and check-ups. Paediatricians also administer vaccinations, track your child’s developmental milestones and also give health advice.

When should I see the paediatrician?

From the day your baby is born, he/she would need regular check-ups with the paediatrician until he/she has attained a specific age. However, the frequency of these check-ups would be determined by your child’s overall physical and mental health. Several symptoms indicate the presence of a disease in your child; if these symptoms arise, it is crucial that you take your child to see a paediatrician.

Some include:


• Rashes or any suspicious growth

• Cold, cough or laboured breathing

• Constant pain affecting any body part

• High fever

• Vomiting and diarrhoea

• Any other persistent symptom


If you notice any of these symptoms and would like to book an appointment with a paediatrician in Malta, please contact us.

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