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COVID Recovery Certificate for Travel

Covid Recovery Certificates for Travel

You can apply for a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate for travel if you tested positive for Covid-19 within the last six months and have recovered. The covid recovery certificate will prove you have recovered from Covid-19 and are fit to travel.

What is a Covid recovery certificate?

A Covid-19 recovery certificate (also known as an immunity passport) is a document that can be used to prove you have had Covid-19 before and are therefore immune to it. They are based on your health records and can be used for both domestic and international travel.

Nowadays, many countries will accept certificates confirming your recovery from Covid-19 as sufficient proof to enter the country. These certificates replace tests you would have previously needed to take, such as an antigen or PCR test.

If you test positive for Covid-19 within the last six months but have had no symptoms in the past seven days, fill out this form, and we'll provide you with a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate. You must be careful when travelling to certain countries, as some of them only accept Covid-19 Recovery Certificates issued within a certain timeframe.

This can be issued when you have completed the required quarantine and are fully recovered 

Covid recovery certificate

Can I travel to Spain, Germany, France, Italy, or other European countries with a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate?

Although we aim to produce certificates that are accepted for travel within the European Union, we strongly encourage all travellers to check the EU travel guidelines for each destination before making a purchase since not all EU countries have the same entry requirements. The validity of the duration is different across the EU (ranging from 30 to 180 days).