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For people living in Rome, online doctor consultation has emerged to be the most preferred way of seeking medical guidance. The main reason for the popularity of online medical consultation is the lack of time, travel inconvenience, and long distances that the natives of Rome have to face for physical visits to doctors’ clinics. While the online shift of doctors benefits not only those who are chronically ill but also those who are opting for a follow-up examination or for routine checkups. Mobidoctor provides its best and economical doctor consultation services in Rome, Italy. With high-level English speaking doctors

Mobidoctor is an online pioneer enabling you to quickly connect with an English speaking doctor that's ready to serve you with your medical questions.

Our online doctors in Rome also have years of experience in their fields. They've worked outside Mobidoctor before and have gained enough clinical insights and techniques to share in the Mobidoctor platform.

  • Quality Services in best prices

    • You can quickly get in touch with an English speaking doctor who has all the required certifications and licenses in Rome. The online consultation consultations are fully secured with end to end encryption. Our General practitioners can diagnose the problems you or your family may have and recommend the best next steps to take. People can get qualitative medical advice, consultation, treatment and diagnosis under one roof with affordable costs irrespective of their location in Rome.
  • Clear, consistent advice you can trust

    • Take the time to explain your concern in full without being rushed through your appointment. Video consultation with an English speaking doctor of Mobidoctor in Rome will be the easiest way to describe the issue and get the best advice to help you get better. Find the best online Doctor in Rome to get instant medical advice and second opinion for your health problems without visiting the doctor clinic. Ask the doctors online and consult them on face-to-face video.

 Mobidoctor is the solution to all your problems related to following categories: All your queries related to following problems will be heard at doctor clinic and solved by our qualified and certified online English speaking doctor in Rome


Book an instant appointment with our English speaking doctors in Rome or plan for a session whenever it fits your busy schedule.


speaking doctor. By using Mobidoctor, you can quickly get in touch with an English speaking doctor who has all the required certifications and licenses in Rome. All online consultation consultations will be well secured with end to end encryption.


Virtual visits to our doctor clinic will leave you feeling like you visited a physical clinic, just without all the travelling and waiting. You will be diagnosed online, and if needed, given an online prescription right after your consultation

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Mobidoctor- Your English Speaking Doctor only one click away

Mobidoctor helps as a bridge covering the gap between General Practitioners and the patients to make quality healthcare accessible to all without visiting the doctor clinic. English Speaking Doctors give their best to improve the overall healthcare experience of people living in Rome. Mobidoctor believes in Healthcare accessibility and affordability for all.

The demand for doctors is expected to rise as modern medicine allows people to live longer. However, thanks to technology, there is a simple way to avail our online doctor services without needing to visit the doctor clinic. With an online consultation from your doctor, you can get the health care you require.

Online medical consultation has in one way or the other become a boom to the people of Rome. Hard-pressed for time, having to travel long distances to the hospital are some of the reasons that are prompting many to online doctor consultation. For the chronically ill patients, for those who want a follow-up examination, and for a periodical consultation, seeing a doctor online in Rome seems a great option.

Mobidoctor provides its best and economical online consultation services in Rome, Italy.

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