Mobidoctor: Your Easy Alternative to Other Doctor Valletta City Offers

Are you having a hard time searching for the most convenient doctor Valletta City has to offer? Well, look no further, since is here!

Telemedicine is rising in popularity across the world. The need for online, face-to-face doctor consultations has become a necessity nowadays. Hence, even if you can encounter the most excellent doctors, Valletta City in Malta has, a lot of people still settle for online consultation alternatives. is among the pioneers in online medical services in Malta. The company even has its roots and physical headquarters in Malta’s capital city Valletta!

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What Exactly is Mobidoctor?

Mobidoctor is an online medical service platform. It mainly offers online, face-to-face consultations with a Malta-licensed GP.

The platform uses secured video call technology to connect you and our Mobidoctor physician. You can then tell the doctor your symptoms, show any relevant body part, and receive diagnosis and treatment suggestions right away.

Other services offered in conjunction with online GP consult include:

  • Issuance of prescriptions for needed medicines
  • Referral notes for cases that require a specialist’s attention
  • Fit notes by request
  • Pharmacy fulfilment of prescription – optional

Mobidoctor Physicians Information

All physicians working for Mobidoctor are:

  • Licensed to practice medicine in Malta
  • Ministry of Health-regulated
  • Has extensive experience in their respective medical specialities
  • Value privacy and confidentiality of patient records and cases
  • Compassionate, warm, friendly, and respectful

What Mobidoctor Can Do for You is an online platform where people can go to get their medical needs serviced. Think of it as a virtual medical clinic where you can find Malta-licensed GPs ready to look into your medical needs!


Also, our doctors can treat a wide variety of illnesses, including those on this list:

All of our physicians are well-trained and competent in their respective medical fields. Hence, you’ll surely get the best medical care despite using the Internet as your communication tool!


Mobidoctor also offers pharmacy assistance after consultations

We can send your prescriptions to your chosen pharmacy. Once the pharmacy is done fulfilling the order, you can then proceed to pick-up your medications.

Fit notes and referrals can also be issued as our physicians see it fit. If your condition needs to be seen by other medical experts, a referral note can be issued so you can bring it to the specialist on your next clinic visit.

Our physicians at Mobidoctor are on stand-by to take your calls. You can schedule appointments on a pre-set time on the website or app. You can also queue up in a few minutes and wait for the physicians to be available for consultation.

Why Go for Online Medical Consults?

Real, live face-to-face consultations with the most convenient doctor Valletta City has to offer is excellent. But practicality dictates that live clinic visits are not always feasible or possible. Some possible hindrances to live doctor-patient interactions at clinics include:

  • Work or school schedule issues
  • Doctor appointment bookings still full
  • Long waiting lines or queues at the doctor’s office
  • Possibility of contracting other patients’ illnesses while outside on a doctor’s clinic
  • The high cost of doctor consultation

Mobidoctor seeks to change all these things by offering a virtual platform for patients and doctors to quickly meet.