Mobidoctor: The Best Alternative to Finding a Doctor Luqa Malta

Need a medical appointment with a doctor in Luqa, Malta? You can actually find great doctors anywhere you go in Luqa. However, there are plenty of people like you who want to get a doctor’s appointment in Luqa. This creates problems with congested medical clinics, long patient queues, and overwhelmed clinic staff.

Did you know that there are alternatives to traditional GP clinics in Luqa? Online medical consultations are on the rise today. And what better way to experience this than by trying out the services of!

Doctor Luqa
Doctor Luqa
Doctor Luqa
Doctor Luqa
Doctor Luqa

Challenges in Finding a Doctor Luqa Malta

Luqa is a beautiful old town in Southern Malta. It has a dense population characteristic of all Maltese cities. Furthermore, Luqa is highly urbanized thanks to being near the Malta International Airport. The town also boasts of bustling residential and commercial areas.

However, there’s a sad history prevailing in the town. Luqa has suffered epidemics in the past. A plague epidemic hit Malta, including Luqa, in 1592. The cholera epidemic then hit the town in 1850.

Luqa has since risen above these epidemics and now has a great health care system in place. But even amazing health care systems experience a few challenges. Some of which include:

  • Appointment bookings long before your expected consultation date (for private clinics)
  • Long patient queues during clinic days
  • Rising medical costs

Several alternatives are being created to help curb these challenges and make healthcare even more accessible to everyone.

What Mobidoctor Can Do for You is an online platform where people can go to get their medical needs serviced. Think of it as a virtual medical clinic where you can find Malta-licensed GPs ready to look into your medical needs!

Doctor Luqa
Doctor Luqa
Doctor Luqa
Doctor Luqa

Mobidoctor’s physicians are all licensed to practice in Malta. They’re also regulated by the Ministry of Health and have loads of medical experience under their belt. That’s what makes them among the most convenient doctors in Sliema Malta!

Maybe you’re thinking if Mobidoctor GPs measure up to the standards of the most convenient doctor Luqa Malta. Indeed, they do! Mobidoctor has lots of credible GPs that are:

  • Licensed to practice medicine in Malta
  • Already experts in medicine, with years of experience in their particular fields
  • Compassionate and caring
  • Regulated by the Ministry of Health
  • Highly professional, discreet, and privacy-oriented

Our GPs are highly-skilled and can see a range of illnesses, including:

Doctor Luqa
Doctor Luqa – Online Healthcare Made Easy

Mobidoctor is a prime example of alternative healthcare systems being used in Malta today. It’s one of the most affordable and easy-to-use online healthcare platforms in the country!

Mobidoctor operates through online video consultations. For instance, you’re feeling sick and need to see a GP right away. You log-in to Mobidoctor and click the See a Doctor button. You’ll then be connected to a Malta-licensed GP via a secured video call.

Tell the GP your symptoms and show any areas of your body related to your symptoms as needed. Our Mobidoctor physician will then inspect you and analyze your symptoms to come up with a diagnosis, prescription, and referrals if needed. It’s just like a typical face-to-face doctor consultation, albeit done online!

Once done, the physician’s prescriptions, fit notes, and referral notes will be sent to you via email. You also have the option to send the prescriptions directly to a pharmacy of your choice so you can conveniently pick-up your medications when they’re available.

Why You’ll Love Mobidoctor

First of all, it’s easily accessible! All you need is a computer or your smartphone with a stable Internet connection and camera. Our Mobidoctor GPs will talk to you via video call online. No worries about your privacy – all calls are fully encrypted and secured.

Second, you don’t need to leave the comforts of your home or office to see a doctor. Say goodbye to queueing in GP clinics!

Third, it’s affordable. Finding the most convenient doctor Sliema Malta can make you shell out lots of bucks. But if you use Mobidoctor, you have membership options that will save you more money in the long run.

Lastly, you’ll get sound medical advice from some of the experts in Malta medicine. Our doctors are also caring and compassionate, only wanting to make you feel better as soon as possible.

Tired of looking for the most convenient doctor Sliema Malta? Then, try Mobidoctor’s services ASAP! Get quality medical care at affordable rates without ever leaving your place!

Doctor Luqa