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Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Treatment online

Get UTI treatment online by securely communicating with online doctors via phone or computer. Antibiotics are frequently prescribed to treat urinary tract infections and are highly effective. A prescription for a urinary tract infection is often necessary to eradicate the disease before it spreads. Our physicians can write antibiotic prescriptions for UTI treatment and refills on existing medications.

While antibiotics do not provide immediate relief from UTIs, your symptoms should improve within two hours.

Consult a doctor today to get rid of your UTI.

  • Get UTI Treatment Online

    • The online doctor will diagnose your UTI during your video consultation based on your symptoms, medical history, and duration of infection. They will create an individualized UTI treatment plan for you, including any necessary UTI antibiotics.
  • How to Get Rid of a UTI

    • You can treat a urinary tract infection (UTI) by consulting an online doctor at Mobidoctor. Our doctors frequently prescribe antibiotics for urinary tract infections (UTIs) online and can also recommend safe at-home remedies for UTIs in addition to your prescription.
  • Is it possible to obtain UTI treatment online?

    • Yes, you can obtain urinary tract infection treatment online. After scheduling an appointment with a board-certified UTI online doctor through the Mobidoctor website, a online doctor can review your symptoms and medical history and provide a diagnosis. Your doctor can determine the best course of action for your UTI, which may include an antibiotic prescription.
  • Is it possible to obtain a prescription for a urinary tract infection online?

    • Yes, following a virtual consultation with a licensed doctor, you can obtain an online UTI prescription. After diagnosing a UTI via an online doctor's appointment, the doctorcan recommend a UTI prescription online. Your prescription is then electronically transmitted to the pharmacy of your choice, where you can pick it up at your leisure.
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What are the best antibiotics for a urinary tract infection?

Your doctor's diagnosis determines the best antibiotics for a urinary tract infection. Numerous antibiotics are frequently prescribed for urinary tract infections, including the following:

  • Fosfomycin (Monurol)
  • Trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole (including Bactrim and Septra)
  • Nitrofurantoin (Macrodantin, Macrobid)
  • Cephalexin (Keflex)

How long does it take for antibiotics to begin working in the treatment of urinary tract infections?

Antibiotics for urinary tract infections are fast-acting, and some people may experience symptom relief within hours. Typically, within 48 hours of creating your UTI prescription, you should begin to feel better. If your symptoms worsen or do not improve within 48 hours, you are most likely not infected with bacteria. It would be beneficial if you discussed follow-up treatment with your prescribing physician.

How long will I have to take antibiotics for a urinary tract infection?

The severity of your infection determines the duration and dosage of antibiotic treatment for UTI. Antibiotics are typically prescribed for 3 to 5 days to treat a urinary tract infection. Consult your physician regarding the duration of your UTI prescription treatment.

How to obtain antibiotics without consulting a physician

You can avoid the doctor's office entirely by ordering UTI treatment online. From the comfort of your own home, an online doctor can diagnose and treat your UTI. They will undoubtedly prescribe antibiotics for your UTI and schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure an effective treatment plan. In some instances, an online UTI doctor may refer you to a laboratory for testing before writing your UTI prescription.

UTI treatment without antibiotics

Attempting natural home remedies for UTI treatment without antibiotics may include the following:

  • Consuming water and remaining hydrated aids in the removal of bacteria from the urinary tract.
  • Drinking cranberry juice that has not been sweetened
  • Taking probiotics, which may aid in the treatment and prevention of urinary tract infections
  • Consuming vitamin C, which increases the acidity of the urine and may aid in the destruction of bacteria


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