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These days, it is best to try to avoid places like your local GP or emergency rooms if you need urgent care, especially hospitals as these places are most exposed to the virus. Only go if you are in urgent need of a physical examination.

If you have any confusion regarding COVID-19, you may consult our English speaking doctors online.

In Lisbon, you might find it hard to find an English speaking doctor. 

We are here to make it easier for you.

  • How do I get my prescription?

    • If needed, the doctor will send you your prescription imminently to your profile and to your email.
  • Do I need to download anything to consult the doctor?

    • No. All you need is to sign up an book your consultation. Then you log back into your profile a few minutes before the consultation time, and the doctor will call you. The consultation is fully encrypted and is not stored anywhere. So your information is secure and safe.
  • How can I book my consultation?

    • That is quickly done in 2 minutes. All you need is to sign up, press "book consultation" in the menu inside your profile. Select your desired time and complete the booking.
  • How can I consult the doctor online in Lisbon?

    • You will be able to speak to our doctor through a video consultation. You can then discuss your concerns and symptoms with them as you do in a physical consultation. You will also be able to show them your affected areas like your skin allergy or a burn. Mobidoctor assures you complete privacy as your doctor sits in a private consultation room so you can talk confidentially just like in regular doctor clinic.

Now you can book the appointment online in our doctor’s clinic with our English-speaking doctors. You can make an appointment according to your schedule. So no with no Ado, book your slot now.


No, you don’t have to wait in queue for your turn to see the doctor. Mobidoctor allow you to directly contact your English-speaking doctor, the one with certification and licenced based here in Lisbon. Everything between the doctor and the patient will be secured online and fully encrypted.


The online visits will give just like a physical environment. Only without the need for traffic, long lines and germy doctor offices.

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