Birth Control Online: 5 Reasons Why So Many Woman Get It Online Birth Control Online: 5 Reasons Why So Many Woman Get It Online

Birth Control Online: 4 Reasons Why So Many Woman Get It Online

Telemedicine is one of the most popular ways to get contraception. Find out why.

In a world where you can easily order groceries, handle investments, and even find a dog walker through your smartphone, why not conveniently obtain your birth control prescription? Mobi Doctor offers the opportunity to consult licensed medical professionals online. They assess your health history and provide prescriptions tailored to your requirements. 


"I was amazed at how quickly everything happened. The period between placing my order and receiving it in the mail was remarkably short." —Alex

1. You’ll Save Money

Regarding birth control, going online is beneficial for your budget. You won't need to take time off work or cover transportation costs to visit a doctor's office.

"Mobi Doctor is a cost-effective alternative to visiting my doctor solely for getting my birth control prescription. Considering I had already visited the doctor multiple times this year and was on a tight budget." —KS

2. Save Time (Hassle Too)

Once you respond to a few health-related inquiries, a qualified medical provider licensed in your state will assess them. They may ask additional questions or verify your prescription. The entire process is tailored to your convenience, available day or night, wherever you are – whether it's work, the gym, a bus, or your couch. Once the provider prescribes your medication, our team will prepare and discreetly ship it to you. Generally, we provide a three-month supply per shipment, and refills are taken care of automatically.

"I managed everything from my computer, which meant no driving expenses! Having the option to obtain birth control online instead of making the long journey to the doctor and taking time off work is incredibly convenient."—Samantha

3. It’s Private

Mobi Doctor understands that not everyone can access non-judgmental care, and women might not feel at ease discussing birth control with their doctors or local pharmacists. Our patients appreciate the opportunity to inquire and receive medical guidance using our website. We ensure that medication is always delivered in discreet packaging.


"It feels like I have more control over the situation since it's not face-to-face. I can avoid having an awkward conversation." —Ava

5. Get Personal Care At Your Fingertips

When you choose Mobi Doctor for your birth control needs, you can confidentially message our medical team anytime, day or night, for questions or concerns. Our team's doctors and nurse practitioners appreciate working for Mobi Doctor because they can dedicate ample time to ensuring patients receive expert answers without rushing through appointments. They'll guide you in finding the ideal birth control for your body without needing appointments.


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