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Topical finasteride, what is it?


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Topical medication is the one in which it is applied on the skin or mucous membrane and then enters the body from there. Since the day finasteride was approved by Food and Drug Administration, it has been taken orally. The Food and Drug Association does not approve the topical finasteride. The concentration of topical finasteride is about 0.1% or less.

The systematic reviews from research say that due to the usage of topical finasteride, there is a "significant" decrease in hair loss rate, a "significant" increase in hair growth rate, and a "significant" increase in total hair count.

Further research about the side effects of topical finasteride is needed as topical finasteride is directly applied to the skin, unlike oral finasteride. Due to direct contact of topical finasteride with the skin, the prominent issue would be skin irritation.

How to take finasteride?

If you plan to start the treatment for male pattern baldness, you must consult your healthcare provider. You must ask your healthcare provider to run a specific test to see if you can use finasteride and if it is good for you.

Ask your healthcare provider if combining finasteride with minoxidil suits you for a better and more effective treatment plan. As said, minoxidil helps finasteride to be absorbed inside the body easily.

Oral Finasteride or Topical Finasteride?

With finasteride available as a pill and as a topical medication, the question arises of which one to use. Which is better or safer?

The Food and Drug Administration has approved oral Finasteride for a long time. Since then, it has been prescribed as a medicine for male pattern baldness or hair loss treatments. 

There have been many types of research about its usage, dosage, and possible side effects that can be caused by it. Also, which other medicines should be combined for a better and ever-lasting effect?

Topical finasteride is comparatively new. There is promising research regarding its dosage, use, and side effects. Still, there is no scientific research supporting it as of now.

So, the best practice is to go with the already approved one with promising results.
But as there is more scientific research and more theories and scientific papers supporting Topical Finasteride usage, it might be as well included for the prescription.
So now, if you notice more hair in the drain than you expect to or are comfortable with. Don't worry. Sign up, book an appointment, describe the issue with all the changes you observe, and rest assured of Finasteride's usage. 

This might not be the only way, but it is a safer and less disruptive way to deal with Androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness.


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