8 Foods And Drinks That May Cause Migraine Symptoms 8 Foods And Drinks That May Cause Migraine Symptoms

8 Foods And Drinks That May Cause Migraine Symptoms

Foods are known to be one of the most frequent triggers of migraines, although triggers can vary from person to person. A strenuous exercise session or a lack of sleep are some examples of other possible triggers. However, there are specific foods that you should be cautious about consuming. Among the most typical foods are:

1. Chocolate

While it might be uncomfortable to acknowledge, chocolate has the potential to act as a migraine trigger for numerous individuals. The connection between chocolate and migraines is more complex, as some argue that the presence of tyramine in chocolate is responsible for causing headaches. At the same time, alternate studies propose that it could be due to nitric oxide. Regardless of the specific cause, individuals who experience migraines should exercise caution when considering the consumption of chocolate.

2. Alcohol

While alcohol is often listed as a potential trigger for migraines, recent research suggests that it may not be as significant a risk as previously thought. Only 10% of individuals surveyed reported a consistent correlation between alcohol consumption and migraine activity. Nevertheless, excessive alcohol consumption can be detrimental for those who suffer from migraines, as the resulting fatigue and dehydration from a hangover can easily provoke a headache.

3. Coffee

If you experience migraines, you should be careful with coffee due to its high caffeine content. But don't worry; you don't have to give up your morning latte entirely. Consuming small amounts of caffeine may help alleviate headaches. Drinking too much coffee or making it a habit can negatively impact your headache patterns.

4. Processed Meat

Processed meat is known to have various health risks, one of which is an increased risk of migraines. The chemicals in foods like bacon and hot dogs, such as nitrates, can affect blood flow and pressure, making migraines more likely. Leafy vegetables also contain nitrates, but processed meats tend to have higher levels.

5. Cheese

Although the research on the correlation between cheese consumption and migraine development is somewhat limited, it's worth noting that many mature cheeses contain substantial quantities of tyramine, a widely recognized migraine-inducing agent. On the other hand, fresh cheeses like American and queso fresco typically lack significant tyramine content, which could lead to migraine occurrences.

6. Certain Fruits And Vegetables

In addition to chocolate, mature cheeses, and processed foods rich in nitrates, several other food items can contribute to the onset of migraines. Many individuals who experience migraines have identified citrus fruits, tomatoes, cultured dairy products, bananas, and similar options as potential triggers. Monitoring your dietary intake is crucial to pinpointing the foods that might trigger migraine episodes.

7. Artificial Sweetener 

Artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame, frequently found in diet sodas and similar drinks, could influence your migraine tendencies. Current studies exploring the connection between artificial sweeteners and migraines indicate a potential relationship, although further research is necessary. Individuals prone to migraines should exercise caution regarding excessive consumption of artificial sweeteners.

8. MSG

MSG, short for monosodium glutamate, has a complex medical history and needs to be clarified if it causes headaches. Some studies suggest a connection, but there isn't enough consistent evidence to confirm it. Like other foods on this list, the impact of MSG on migraines likely varies among individuals.


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