Asthma during pregnancy - Symptoms and Treatment

How does asthma influence you during pregnancy?

Asthma has nothing to do with the odds of you getting pregnant and you will probably experience a normal pregnancy.

You may, however notice that the symptoms of your asthma become intensified and you might require extra care the whole time. On the contrary, there is sometimes a possibility for you to notice no symptoms at all – it all depends from person to person.

There is more possibility for your asthma symptoms to intensify during your second and third trimester. In addition, you are more prone to face amplified flare-ups if you have had severe asthma previously.

If you feel distressed about your asthma or you are wondering about how your asthma will react during your pregnancy, it is a good option for you to consult an expert about it. Our doctors are available 24/7 for your assistance.

Do asthma treatment processes change during pregnancy?

The treatment process for your asthma will be more or less similar to what you got before pregnancy. Asthma inhaler is mostly regarded as a safe option to use during pregnancy. You can see a doctor or your asthma specialist if you are planning to consider the idea of having a baby.

You will have the need for additional assistance during your pregnancy and labor in order to lessen the likeliness of having an asthma attack and to ensure your asthma signs are minimal.

If you notice your symptoms are increasing due to pregnancy, you must see a doctor, as he will be able to assess your existing treatment process to find if anything else would benefit more.

You might need to have more meetings than normal with your doctor to ensure your asthma signs are managed properly. Poorly managed asthma symptoms raise the risk of premature childbirth or low weighted infant. Thus, it is essential to aim for keeping it as controlled, as you are able to.

Do asthma treatments differ in pregnancy?

Your asthma would not hurt your baby or bring any risks to pregnancy. Yet, numerous studies conclude that a baby is more prone to have asthma if both their parents have it.

It is crucial for you to keep your asthma treatment continued during your pregnancy. This treatment in no way poses a risk to your baby.

Asthma medicines are completely harmless given that you follow the dosages prescribed by your doctor. Letting alone triggers will also assist you in keeping the symptoms managed.

Is there a threat to your baby?

Even if your asthma symptoms have increased during your pregnancy, experts state that any signs of asthma should have vanished away by the 36th week of pregnancy. You must not encounter any concerns regarding asthma after the baby is born.

Flared up of asthma during childbirth is not quite usual. When you give birth, your body develops hormones that comprise of natural steroids, which will keep the signs of asthma managed. In an unfortunate situation, when you face issues while breathing or encounter severe coughing, it could be a good option to utilize your reliever inhaler. Ensure it is somewhere near you, in case you need it.

Almost all means of relieving pain are safe. If you are concerned regarding your asthma signs, consult a doctor in advance. Make sure you keep a comprehensive plan with you for tackling your asthma symptoms during the birth of your child and ensure a preferred form of relieving pain.